Mercedes is selling a performance boost to download, but it stings

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Mercedes offers a paid subscription formula, which allows you to increase the power of your car. Yes, yes!

Mercedes is selling a performance boost for download, but &ccedila;stings

For a few years now, video game enthusiasts have been confronted with the phenomenon of DLC, these additional contents, sometimes free but often paid, which allow them to add functionalities to their favorite games. Thus, in addition to the initial purchase price, players can, if they wish, pay a few extra dollars to take advantage of bonus items, a new character, or even a new character. a brand new scenario. A practice that is gradually starting to become more democratic on the side… of the automobile.

Additional “paid content” also in automotive ?

A few years ago, BMW created a controversy with its paid subscription to Apple CarPlay. A subscription formula billed at €110/year, which allowed the owner to access Apple's service. A paid option therefore, renewable each year, which is now also found at Mercedes. No CarPlay here, however, since the “Acceleration Increase” takes care of increasing the power of the Mercedes EQ, against an annual payment.

Thus, on the official online store of the German manufacturer, we can read: “The driving sensations offered by your Mercedes-EQ are an experience that is renewed every day, in particular its powerful and immediate acceleration. The “Increase Acceleration” further enhances this level of performance.

In fact, this translates into a digital option billed at the price of 1,200 dollars/year, which will therefore allow a Mercedes EQE or EQS to automatically increase the power of its electric motor, from 20% to 25% on average. Obviously, the torque is also increased, and the vehicle thus benefits from an always welcome surplus of power.

By subscribing to the subscription, a holder of a Mercedes EQE SUV 350 4Matic can thus seeing the power of his vehicle go from 215 kW to 260 kW, enough to overcome the 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds, instead of the 6.6 seconds previously required. The power added by the “Acceleration Increase option” is available from all Mercedes precise driving modes.

1,200 dollars/year to unleash your Mercedes

An initiative that is not to the taste of many users ( and this is understandable), since in addition to the initial price of the vehicle, it will therefore be necessary to agree to pay an additional $1,200 each year, to take advantage of a vehicle that is fully “unbridled“. Of course, if the subscriber cancels his subscription, the power of his vehicle returns to its initial level.

While Mercedes is already happily occupying the electric car market, the German manufacturer will very soon to launch into a new market, that of electric trucks. Indeed, the firm recently announced the arrival on the roads of its eActros LongHaul, which will have a range of approximately 500 km on a single charge, with the guarantee of driving 1.2 million kilometers in ten years of operation.