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Members of the “Bucharest Nine” threaten to include the Ugrian region from the defense initiative

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

Members of the Bucharest Girls threaten to include the Ugrian region from the defense Initiative

Ugorshchina can be switched off from the defense initiative “Bucharest Girl’yatka” through blocking the decision to support Ukraine.

The Financial Times reports this.

It appears that the B9 leaders are meeting today, 11 June, in Rizi and officials are declaring that Ugorshchina is once again encouraged to support the draft statement, which other members of the alliance agreed with, so there is a discussion ії about the exclusion of Budapest “even serious”, it is very true in this The format will be updated.

“The recent sustriches were characterized by “harsh” discussions and that it will be important to organize the upcoming meetings so that the stinks do not become stronger. At the remaining meetings, the Ugorshchina vetoed the group’s major plans for increased assistance to Ukraine, as well as the praise of any NATO members for strengthening military support. edges”, – said in the statistics.

It appears that such tactics of blocking the Ugor region in the EU to help Ukraine and negotiations on Kiev’s accession to the alliance led to the fact that the rich allies “ran out of patience.”

According to journalists, the President of the Ugric region, Tamás Szujok, will not be present at the summit in Riza on the 11th, and the office of the Latvian President stated that the country is represented by an ambassador to Latvia. Thus, from the moment the format was created in 2015, the process itself will not end with a comprehensive declaration of the nine countries.

“Bucharest Maiden’yatka” (B9) founded in 2015, the initiative includes Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Ugorshchina, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, all of which are members of the Radian Union and the Warsaw Pact, and nini – members of NATO and the EU. Meta initiatives – the suppression of military relations between the countries, as well as the negotiation of key elements of the security policy.

Before the word, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ugorsk region, Peter Szijjarto, stated that Budapest does not support the EU proposals 14- th package of sanctions against Russia, the fragments of the new restrictions are super-read interests of the region.

Apparently, the connections between Ukraine and the Ugorsk region were signed in 2017, when the Verkhovna Rada praised the law on lighting. Ugric chauvinists believed that they were interfering with the rights of their diaspora in the Transcarpathian region, but at the same time they were not at all concerned with the problem that after finishing secondary school, Ugric children in Ukraine And it’s extremely bad to rule as a sovereign, and therefore, to follow the same rules as other citizens of the region. Through the MZS of Ugorshchina, the participation of Ukraine in NATO approaches began to be blocked.

In 2019, Ukraine introduced amendments to the law on lighting, which terminated until June 1, 2023 the date of movable statistics, which disturbed the Ugorshchina, and Budapest It didn't matter.

Previously, the huge activist Dmitro Snegiryov stated that the country, if it does not pay contributions to NATO, has no right to block the European integration of Ukraine.

The writer Kostyantin Koverznev also mentioned that documentary evidence of poverty civilian population in the town of Koryukivka during the hour of Another World War was carried out by military services of the Ugric 105th Light Division in the warehouse of the Similar Occupation Group of the Army for the Order ivki commander of the group, Lieutenant General Alda-Pap Zoltan Johan, born in 1895, a native of Budapest. In the Chernigiv region, the Ugric units took their share of the reduced to 60 thousand peaceful meshkans. None of these evildoers were punished by the international military tribunal.

"The Ugric evildoing against peaceful Ukrainians has not been forgotten in the handbooks of history. All this evil is reality! – Koverznev confirms. – Also, if we are blackmailed by politicians from the present land, the stink is really the decline of the expected segregation policy of the Ugric region of the twentieth century… “

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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