members of La Noche con todo contra Leo Rey

September 14, 2021 by archyde

“The Night for me was like having finished my career, having graduated as an artist, as a singer. The most beautiful memories, the best scenarios, but on the other hand, they are mixed feelings, because they made me pebre ”, Leo Rey said a few weeks ago in the late But with respect.

And he argued: “They shit with the lucas, they paid me 100 lucas when the group charged 10 million pesos.”

“We had ten dates, we had done 20 shows and they paid me one at a time. Then two weeks passed and they paid me the other. I began to overflow little by little, I began to be disappointed ”, was another of the confessions left by the singer and former leader of the group at that minute.

His words, of course, did not sit well with his former teammates. In fact, they responded in a very particular way: accompanying their statements with the song “Mentiroso” by the band itself.

And now, according to what Hugo Valencia explained in the program What do i tell you, the topic can escalate …

“They are outraged”

During a new episode of What do i tell you, Valencia pointed out that “I spoke with several members of the group La Noche who worked with Leo Rey at that time and they are outraged.”

“They are so outraged that they are willing very soon, if Leo does not retract the statements he gave, to demonstrate the transfers that were made to Leo Rey for each of the events he attended,” he added.

Then the journalist revealed some details of the conversation: “Yes there were some events where they earned 800 (thousand pesos) in total, and Leo kept 100 and the rest was distributed among the 40 who were.”

“They tell me that there came a minute when Leo Rey began to constantly threaten that he was going to leave the group and that meant that, for example, they were paid a million pesos per event, Leo Rey kept approximately 20% and the the rest was distributed in other lower percentages with the rest of the people in the band ”, he added.

Later, he clarified: “They say ‘we never screwed up Leo, nobody screwed up and let him show the transfers that were made to him so that it is clear that we were not the ones who did not pay him what was due.”

Valencia also pointed out that he has the transfers in his possession but that he is not authorized to show them. Even so, he revealed that “we are talking about figures that exceed 100 lucas.”

Finally, the journalist revealed other situations: “Suddenly La Noche was going to be a show at the Movistar, put on you, they sang, they finished and then Leo left as a soloist, grabbed the sound engineer from La Noche and went to a disco at do an event and sing the songs of La Noche, but they didn’t pay the group a percentage ”.

“And nobody said anything to him, because everyone was afraid that Leo Rey would leave the group. So they feel that it is super bad milk on the part of Leo Rey to be telling these things, “he closed.

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