Melovin roses about the dream of childhood

Melovin roses about the dream of childhood

Melovin's speech about the memory of the children

Vidomiy Ukrainian vikonovets , the “X-Factor” that participant of the show “Dances with stars” Melovin (Kostyantin Bocharov), who has made a chimalo galas through his coming-out at the “Atlas Weekend” festivals, loves to delight the audience with different publications in the social media Instagram, why 235 thousand people need to follow him

Melovin, having shown the amazing backstage to the chanuvals, took a video for his new song “Don't call me”, sharing spogady zі student's fates and rozpovіv about the unrealized dream.

As it turned out, on the back of the head, Kostyantin became a director, he himself wanted to join the whole faculty before Kiev.

“ I am burning all my childishness”, – known artist.

Moreover, Bocharov has already worked for his profession at the estate of the assistant to the administrator of the significant Maidan of the Odessa Film Studio. The series was filmed there. After such a confirmation, I’ll navit having taken my video robot, as if I didn’t show the light. Soumnіvi zdolali yogo.

“Delaying the process of installation, and through the process I realized that it was possible to take it faster, and freezing the project. But I’ll make up for it, soon I’ll know something and I’ll be the director of my project & # 8221;, & # 8211;