Melnik: EU is not guilty of calling gas energy “green”

Melnik: EU is not guilty of calling gas energy “green”

Melnik: EU is not guilty of calling gas energy “green”

Photo: DW

Gas power plant in the German city of Duisburg

It is necessary for the European Commission to include gas energy in the list of “green” technologies, honored by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the FRN Andriy Melnyk. In which case Russia plays less, but vv.

Andriy Melnyk, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Nimechchyna, appealed to the German deputies to the European Parliament, calling on the European Commission to bring gas energy to the list of “green” technologies. “However, the European Union still needs to improve the minds for investments in the gas infrastructure, Russia is playing only a little”, – the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) agency was ahead of Melnik on the list, about the second time, on 28 chervnya.

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Behind the words of the ambassador, such a moment became a fatal signal at that folding stage, which the people of Ukraine are going through at the same time. Melnik, having indicated that the Russian Minister of Energy has already radiantly responded to the propositions of Brussels on taxonomy, oscillki tse vіdkriє a wide range of possibilities for the gas industry of the Russian Federation. Gazprom, Rosatom and Lukoil, obviously, have lobbied Brussels in an official capacity”, – criticizing the decision of the European Commission Melnyk.

Taxonomy – tse own catalog for investors, for which stench can be recognized, like projects, in the opinion of the European Commission, help fight the changing climate. At their meeting on the 2nd of the fierce European Commissioner, they voted for the inclusion of gas and nuclear energy to the list of & # 8220; green & # 8221; technologies. The European Parliament considers the proposition of the European Commission of the coming winter.

“Gift of Russia in the EU”

criticism of numerical ecologists and experts. Vikonavchiy director of the European Federation for Transport and Dovkіllya (about’two dozens of environmental organizations) William Todts, having published a statute, de calling gas storage to transitional technologies “the biggest gift, a kind of travel. VIN VEAZHA, Sho Vnaslіdok of the current rowen about the taxonia of the Milardi єvro, Yaki INAKSHE INGEVENTU BUDNENLUVAN ENERGETICA, PIDUT IN GAZI TEC. modernization of the existing ones. Tse also can be seen by Russia, to that in the lower countries of the EU, for example, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia & # 8211; operate nuclear power plants. At the very least, a part of these lands are koristuyutsya servants of Rosatom.