Melissa Cuadrado has defended tooth and nail behind the wheel in each of her controversies. 

Melissa Cuadrado has defended tooth and nail behind the wheel in each of her controversies. 

The controversial game that took place during the night hours of this Thursday, August 18. The second leg of the 2022 BetPlay Cup quarterfinals defined who qualified for the semifinal of the sporting event.

Atlético Nacional and Junior de Barranquilla faced each other for the quota. The match was tense from the beginning, but the most spicy moment came in the 87th minute.

Viera challenges Jarlan to kick the penalty: 'He missed his chance' Jarlan Barrera: this is Dimayor's decision for his alleged provocation

When Nacional had opportunity for a penalty, Jefferson Duque was ready to collect, but Sebastián Viera, Captain and goalkeeper of the sharks, picked up the ball and threw it to Jarlan Barrera.
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This act was symbolic and caused an uncomfortable moment between the players and the fans. It is worth remembering that the team that gave Jarlan his debut was Junior, but now he is fully committed to Nacional.

Despite Viera's insinuation, Jarlan did not want to follow 'the rope', so he protested with his teammates and continued the match, which ended up giving victory to the coastal team.

Although the moment passed, the swollen continues to ask for sanctions or actions by Dimayor. In fact, in the claims and when it comes to defending Jarlan, there is a much closer voice that makes itself heard: Melissa Cuadrado, his partner.

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Who is Jarlan Barrera's girlfriend?

Melissa Cuadrado is a recognized 'influencer' on social networks.

On his Instagram he has 73 thousand followers.

She began her relationship with Jarlan earlier this year, or so they confirmed.

In fact, she is a model and has a business with the soccer player. It is a 'spa for cars', which has its own Instagram account and is located in Apartadó, Antioquia.

He also has his own business; a company that manufactures sportswear for women.

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Melissa Cuadrado has defended tooth and nail behind the wheel in each of her controversies. 

It is worth remembering that Jarlan was the hero of Atlético Nacional in achieving the 17th star. But at that moment, Melissa 'She took out the thorn' with the people who criticize her boyfriend.

And the loser has just made the biggest team in Colombia champion.The fat man, the one who never 'runs' has just shown that he is capable of that and much more”, the young woman published in her Instagram stories.

When that happened, it obviously generated controversy. Given this, Melissa declared for ‘Semana’ that “it was a message that came from my soul. I never post anything, but at that moment I got carried away with emotion and seeing that some comments are hurtful. I don't read all of them, I understand Jarlan's work, he is a public figure, but people vent in a very ugly way.”

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