Melgar, the “model club”: What is missing to win the Apertura and what will it do for the national title?

Melgar, the “model club”: What is missing to win the Apertura and what will it do for the national title?

Melgar remains well established at the top of the table with only two dates left in the Torneo Apertura, but victory is not yet assured.

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Melgar, the “model club”: What does he need to win the Apertura and what does he serve him toward the national title?

Melgar beat Sport Boys 1-0 on date 16 of League 1 2022 | Photo: @LigaFutProf

A Melgar, the top does not cause vertigo. There he has been able to maintain himself throughout the season and there he plans to stay in everything that is approaching. In fact, there is very little left for the end of the Apertura Tournament and the triumphant path of the Arequipa club does not stop. His closest pursuers beg for stumbles that never come. And now, with the recent victory against Sport Boys (1-0), 'El Domino' not only manages to extend his winning streak, but he is already caressing the title of this first stage of national football.

A few days ago, Juan Carlos Oblitas himself praised Melgar's great work in the midst of Peruvian football that is full of adversity and with endless internal restructuring to be carried out in the coming years. The red and black club has earned the 'plate' of “model club” and it is not for less.

“I am happy for what Melgar has done in the Copa Sudamericana, which is also giving an example of what has to be done (…) Although we are in a complicated game, Melgar has been doing a good job for a long time that it is giving him results, and that he is telling us 'this is the right path'”, said the sports director of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) at a press conference.

The good results of Melgar They are not just for now. The Arequipa team has been standing out with great consistency in recent years, both nationally and internationally. Although, yes, 'El Domino' seems to have reached its peak this 2022.

Having passed to the next phase of the Copa Sudamericana, leading their group against teams like Racing from Argentina, River Plate from Uruguay and Cuiabá from Brazil, represents one of the most valuable fruits that Melgar has harvested in this time. For Peruvian football, in general, which has become accustomed to resounding failures internationally, the red and black club is a deep breath and tremendous joy.

But it is important to mention that Néstor Lorenzo's team has been able to take all of their goals together. Despite the fact that he has focused on doing well in the South American tournament, an objective he has fulfilled, 'El Domino' has not neglected his aspirations at the local level and today he is the big favorite to win the Apertura Tournament. You're just one step away from getting it.

What do you need to win the Opening?

The clash against the pinks meant the eighth consecutive victory for Melgar in the local tournament. In fact, the red and black team leads the table with a total of 37 points, product of 12 wins, three losses and a draw.

In the absence of two dates for the conclusion of the Apertura Tournament, 'El Domino' has a four-point advantage over Sport Huancayo, its closest pursuer, although it still has to play its duel against Ayacucho FC as a visitor. Alianza, another team that dreamed of reaching them, fell in Juliaca (1-0) against Binacional and was stuck, while Cristal got to 5 units, but time may be short for the celestial.

1stMelgar 37+11
2ndSport Huancayo< /td>

3°< /td>

Sporting Cristal32+12< /td>
4thAlianza Lima29+ 10

In the hypothetical case that Sport Huancayo loses its match, a victory in the following day (against Atlético Grau) would be enough for Melgar to be crowned champion of the contest, regardless of the results of its other rivals.

Now, if the 'Rojo Matador' beats Ayacucho FC on Monday, Melgar would only be one point up in the table, so he would have the obligation to win in his next match and hope that the Huancaíno team loses theirs (against University) in order to secure the trophy. Of course, if the two clubs continue to triumph, everything will be defined on the last date and Melgar always starts with his minimum advantage, unless he gives up points on the next day.

Keep in mind that Melgar only has to receive Atlético Grau and visit Alianza Atlético. At home, the Arequipa team has won all the games it has played this year (seven in Liga 1 and three in Copa Sudamericana). In addition, it is the second best visiting team in the local tournament, only below Sport Huancayo, having garnered 16 valuable points (five wins, one draw and three losses). 'El Domino' will have to follow that same path on these last two dates to win the Apertura.

What's the use of winning the Opening?

A few years ago, around 2014, Melgar starred in one of his best campaigns at the local level. Although that year they did not manage to win the Apertura or Clausura Tournament, the red and black team managed to establish themselves at the top of the accumulated table. But that did not mean any guarantee to him to access the national final, or the playoffs as they are played today.

That time, in the definition of the title, Juan Aurich and Sporting Cristal, the winners of the Apertura and Clausura respectively, faced each other, while Melgar was left empty-handed, something that seemed quite unfair due to the great campaign he had made. Finally, the Rimenses were crowned national champions, but the Arequipeños had already left an important precedent.

The following year, the regulations of the local tournament changed due to what happened with Melgar, so since 2015 the national championship has been defined under the playoff system (semifinals and final) with some variations along the way. It was thus that 'El Domino' managed to win that season and, the following year, was runner-up.

Melgar, the “model club”: What is missing to win the Apertura and what does it serve to win the national title?

Melgar seeks the third national title in his history | Photo: GEC/

Now the Arequipa club wants to return to this final stage and thus aspire to the third national title in its history. Winning the Apertura will represent a very important boost for him, as it will guarantee him, at the very least, play in the playoffs at the end of the season.

Of course, in case Melgar wins the Apertura and, in addition to that, finishes among the first two places in the accumulated, he will qualify directly for the grand final. And, in the most ideal scenario of winning both tournaments of the year (Apertura and Clausura), there will no longer be any need to play a final, since you will be automatically declared national champion.

It is for these reasons that succeeding in this first stage of the season is quite valuable. It will be up to Melgar to close this 2022 Opening Tournament with a flourish and then try to stay on top to finally add a third trophy to his showcase. For now, your course is straightened out.

Melgar, the “model club”: What is missing to win the Apertura and what is the use of it toward the national title?

The Peruvian team was left out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, after falling in the playoff against Australia, on penalties.