Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended the Ripple of Hope gala hosted by the Robert Kennedy Center for Human Rights, which took place on the night of December 6-7 in New York. At this event, the Duchess of Sussex, with bare shoulders, did not hide her feelings for her husband. with bare shoulders did not hide her feelings for Prince Harry at the gala evening” />

Image Source: page of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
The gala concert with the participation of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was held at the Hilton Midtown hotel. The Center for Human Rights awarded the Duke of Sussex with the chosen one for the fight against racism. Meghan Markle has again broken the strict rules normally followed in the British royal family. Prince Harry's wife went public with bare shoulders in a light Louis Voitton dress. For a social event, Markle adorned her finger with an aquamarine ring, which Lady Di used to wear. Prince Harry appeared at the gala evening in a classic suit. The royal family has already made remarks to Markle regarding clothing, but she did not listen to the opinion of high-ranking relatives of her husband.

At the gala concert, Prince Harry and his wife did not hide their feelings. They held hands and often hugged in public throughout the event. Meghan Markle spoke about her main desire during a speech at the gala evening. The wife of the Duke of Sussex dreams of a just and non-violent world. Prince Harry admitted that he is inspired by kind and brave people. Thanks to them, he has faith in the best.



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