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si 6w Meghan Markle reveals that she thought about suicide and that her son's skin color was concerned at the palace - The Times Hub

Meghan Markle reveals that she thought about suicide and that her son's skin color was concerned at the palace

Meghan Markle reveals that she thought about suicide and that her son's skin color was concerned at the palace

One bomb after another for two hours. The interview that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave Oprah Winfrey just over a year after splitting from the British royal family has been full of explosive statements. Markle, with a black mother and a white father, has reported – and Enrique has corroborated – that there was "concern" in the palace about how dark the skin of her first son, Archie, would be; that for a time she had constant suicidal thoughts, but "the institution" did not want to help her and that Prince Charles did not answer the phone to his youngest son. Frictions with Kate Middleton have also come to light, they have revealed that they secretly married three days before the official wedding and that the second child they are expecting is a girl. The biggest sticks have fallen on the royal house, which, according to both, left them unprotected before the tabloids. The actress, yes, has forgiven the queen: "She was always charming to me."

The expectation created by this two-part special broadcast by CBS – the second is broadcast this Monday – was worldwide, comparable to Diana's meeting from Wales 25 years ago with Martin Bashir on the BBC's Panorama program . This time it has been in prime time, on American television and before the all-powerful Oprah Winfrey, her friend and neighbor in Montecito, California. In the eyes of the British, they will be headlines to remember: during the interview, recorded around February 20, the Duchess of Sussex portrays the monarchical institution with a starkness never used with the royal family. , Archie, Buckingham informed them that the baby would not have the title of prince or princess (they did not know the sex yet), and that it would not count for sure either, despite the couple being harassed by the tabloid press. In addition, "there were concerns and conversations about how dark her skin might be when she was born," the 39-year-old actress said. Her husband, 36, has corroborated the accusation of racism against royalty, although neither has wanted to name names. "It would be too damaging for them," said Markle, clarifying that the issue was addressed not just once, but several times.

During the four years that Meghan Markle exercised her monarchical role, she was concerned about her mental health. Several times he asked the institution for help, but has assured that he was denied admission to a center to recover because of the image that it could project. The duchess felt, she said, that if she did not reveal to her husband the pain she was suffering "she would not want to continue living." "I had constant and clear suicidal thoughts," he said. And Enrique added: “The family has a mentality of 'this is what it is, it cannot be changed'. I had no one to lean on ”. For both, there was a "lack of understanding and support" from the royal family and the media. "I was afraid that my mother's story would be repeated," said the prince, referring to Diana of Wales, who suffered depression and died haunted by the tabloids. At one point, the couple has assured that both saved their lives mutually.

Three days before the wedding, the Archbishop of Canterbury married the couple in a ceremony without guests, according to the protagonists in a part of the interview. The Duchess has told Oprah Winfrey that she is happy to now live "authentically."

The alleged squabbles with Kate Middleton have also come to light. The same week as the wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge made the American actress cry over an issue related to the dresses that the pages of the royal procession were going to wear. But six months later, the press published a different version: that Markle had made Kate cry on the eve of the marriage. "This was a turning point," remarked the Duchess of Sussex, as Buckingham "knew it was a lie" and no one said anything. "I was unprotected," concluded the actress. The British press has squeezed to satiety the alleged enmity between the two sisters-in-law. "They want a narrative in which there is a heroine and a villain," Markle has pointed out.

For Enrique, meanwhile, the turning point was the first tour they did as a couple, in Australia. “Meghan was amazing with people. That brought back memories for the royal family and they didn't like it, ”he said, referring to his mother, when she stole the glances on her visit to the oceanic country and left Prince Charles in the shadows. Regarding his father, who assures that he has not answered his calls since both announced their retirement from the royal family, Enrique has said that he has "disappointed" him. About her relationship with her brother Guillermo, she revealed: “Right now … there is a space between us. I hope the wounds heal in time. Either way, I'm proud of everything we've been through together. ”

The biggest compliments of the entire interview went to the Queen of England. "She was always great with me," said Markle, who described her the day he met her as "easy and adorable." Prince Henry has assured that the relationship with his grandmother is very good and that they speak very frequently. “She understands it”, he pointed out.

A year ago the term Megxit was born in the United Kingdom – a play on words between the name of the Duchess and Brexit -, which is used to portray the rupture of the Dukes of Sussex with the responsibilities of the royal family. The couple have defended that their intention was never to disengage and that, if they had received the help they asked for, they would have stayed. However, Enrique has acknowledged that, had it not been for his wife, he would not have stepped aside. "He was trapped. She made me see the reality of what I was living, a prisoner in the royal family system. My father and my brother are still trapped and will not be able to get out, ”he said. For Markle, for her part, it seemed ridiculous that after giving up her career and life "for love", she was blamed for responsibilities.

At one point in the interview, Oprah asked the Duchess if she was not afraid of Buckingham Palace's reaction to the truths he was bringing to light. Markle has responded: “I don't know how they can pretend, after all this time, that we remain silent, while The Firm , [The Firm, as the tabloids call the British royal house, but not the members of the family] , continues actively perpetuating falsehoods about us, ”Markle replied.

The family's secrecy raises a huge interest in what life is like behind the walls of Buckingham Palace. To the curiosity as a rule we must add that 100 million viewers have seen The Crown , the series about the life of Elizabeth II –which takes many dramatic licenses–. Netflix's success has brought the British monarchy closer to a wider audience than ever before and has made its members uncomfortable, who are trying almost desperately not to give rise to hallway conversations.

In a scene from The Crown , Prince Charles tells him he tells his mother, the Queen of England, that he "has a voice", something to say to society. "Let me tell you a secret," she replies: "No one wants to hear it." In the British press it has emerged that Elizabeth II had no plans to see the interview of her grandson and his wife. This opened the tap to speculation that, unlike the millions of viewers, it is she who has no interest in listening.

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