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Meeting between Russian and North Korean dictators is an alarming prospect for Ukraine, expert

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

Meeting between the dictators of the Russian Federation and the DPRK - an alarming prospect for Ukraine, - expert

Photo : Putin and Kim Jong-un /Sputnik/Gavriil Grigorov/Pool via REUTERS

On Wednesday, June 19, the head of the Stimson Center's Korea Program, Jenny Towne, said in an interview with the Russian Service of the Voice of America that North Korea "ready to support Russia's efforts to wage war against Ukraine".

Recall that the heads of Russia and the DPRK – Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un – signed on Wednesday, June 19, a new partnership agreementincluding an agreement on mutual assistance in the event that one of these countries faces “aggression.”

"Russia there is a very interested partner in the form of North Korea, which is ready to do everything it can to support Russia’s efforts.”, – noted Jenny Town, adding that for Ukraine “the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un does not bode well.”

According to the expert, the full text of the strategic partnership agreement between the two countries is not yet known: Russia and North Korea has released selective information, as a result, it remains unclear whether the new treaty provides the same guarantees as the 1961 document.

"This is not a new word in relations between the two countries, it’s just that the parties have invested it into some legal form"– noted Town.

In her opinion, as a result of the negotiations between Putin and Kim Jong-un, North Korea, in addition to supplying weapons to Russia, gained access to “multi-level cooperation, including in military, economic, cultural and technological spheres.”

Jenny Towne believes: "We are talking about a huge economic component, and this is for North Korea– the most attractive. They are building economic cooperation despite sanctions, trying to create their own, alternative to the American-European system, where Russia plays a leading role. So, instead of North Korea considering negotiating with the US to lift sanctions, it could negotiate with Russia on an alternative way to get around those sanctions.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Putin's visit to North Korea illustrates how Russia"is desperate to develop and strengthen relationships with countries that can provide it with what it needs to continue the aggressive war it has launched against Ukraine.".

Previously, Tuesday 18 June, a State Department official said that in recent months, North Korea “illegally transferred dozens of ballistic missiles and more than 11,000 containers of ammunition to aid Russia's war effort.”.

According to the head Stimson Center Korea Program"the very fact that Putin gives Kim Jong-un expensive gifts in the form of luxury cars – this is an open and rather brazen statement of how he feels about the sanctions imposed.”.

Thus, according to Towne, “any sanctions that [the United States] may be considered against North Korea for supplying arms to Russia, will be one-sided and will be followed only by America and its like-minded people.”

“They will not be so effective in the short term and will not stop cooperation between Russia and North Korea that we have been observing in the last few years. So I think [possible sanctions] – This is a somewhat delayed reaction. I think we [the United States] need to think about a more creative approach to diplomatic opportunities to create incentives and reward systems, because our approach so far has encouraged countries like Russia and North Korea to work together,”– noted the expert.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga

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