Medical certificate of Judge Vivian Polanía confirms that she suffers from depression

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In addition, the document would state that the episode of what happened a few days ago in the middle of a virtual audience would be the product of a crisis caused by his condition mental health

Judge Vivian Polania's medical certificate confirms that she suffers from depression

Judge Vivian Polania was diagnosed with a depression and anxiety disorder

A few days ago judge Vivian Polanía became news. After a hearing, a video went viral in which she looks like the judge while she was in charge of a virtual legal process, she was half-naked and smoking, the fact became a focus of criticism for various political and social sectors. The event became so widespread that the Judicial Disciplinary Commission, in Norte de Santander, opened an investigation against her to prove whether she committed disciplinary offenses and finally determined that the judge will be temporarily suspended.

Now, just one day after learning the opinion of the Disciplinary Commission, Poland released the medical diagnosis that would show that what happened in the audience was the product of an episode of depression and anxiety that he suffered that day. The medical document states:

“Patient who presents viable changes in the effect, crying easily, with various disciplines due to her situation, has had a sleep disorder (insomnia), starts smoking, anxiety attack, which produced events that interfere with a hearing, was seen at the Clinic Santa Ana takes amitriptyline with which he produced drowsiness. Currently, with high degrees of anxiety”, reads a document dated November 18 at 12:09 PM.

This goes hand in hand, with what the official suspended, she told the director of Blu Radio, Néstor Morales, a few days ago, with whom she spoke about her diagnosis and told him that she is threatened with death, so she must stay at home for a long time and have escorts.

“The judge is devastated, she was crying the whole time. She is a young woman, she had already been the subject of a call to attention for her posts on her social networks. She tells me that she has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety syndrome. She cried and cried. She assures that she has been locked up in her house for three years, because she has been the victim of death threats. She has bodyguards, she does not leave her home and that is why she was dispatching the hearing from her house, “said the journalist.

Let us remember that yesterday the decision of the Judicial Disciplinary Commission was announced, where it determined that: “(The courtroom) provisionally suspends Dr. Heidy Vivian from the position of first municipal criminal judge with the function of guarantee control in Cúcuta. Polanía Franco, for the expiration of (3) months according to the reasoning part”, the document reads.

According to the 16-page ruling, the decision was made after determining that the way in which the judge was seen was not adequate for the exercise that she was exercising, since she did not respect the parties involved in the process and did not comply with the dress code that must be used by judges in these processes.

“Such a factual situation is not consistent with the care, respect and circumspection with which a judge of the republic must administer justice , denoting a clear lack of respect on the part of the official both for her own public investiture and respect for the people who participated in the hearing,” the Commission said.

In addition, they questioned the fact that that the official had not turned on the camera, as has been suggested to the judges who carry out proceedings through virtual hearings: “Was the official in the noted circumstances, so, from the beginning of the hearing, until, at the end of the seem, in she voluntarily activated her camera? Almost an hour after the start of the development of the stagecoach? Does she use to lead her hearings in similar circumstances?”