Medellín is declared in public calamity due to heavy rains

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This was reported by Daniel Quintero, mayor of the city, on his Twitter account

Medell declared a public calamity due to heavy rains

San Antonio de Prado

In the last few minutes, the mayor of Medellín, < b>Daniel Quintero announced that the city declares a public calamityas a result of the winter wave that has been affecting a large part of the national territory.

This was confirmed by the local president on his Twitter account: “Atención Medellín declares a public calamity to attend the points critical due to rain This allows us to make the necessary decisions to protect everyone's lives.”

Medell is declared a public calamity due to heavy rains

The city has 4,217 streams that increase the risk of flooding due to a resurgence of the winter wave.

The second rainy season has left several communities in Medellín in critical situations due to damage to homes and roads, mainly in communes such as 8 and the township of AltaVista, among others.

According to a report from the Medellín Ombudsman, the city has 4,217 streams that increase the risk of flooding due to the worsening of the winter wave and 11 critical points that have presented emergencies due to mass movements and structural failures in buildings.

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According to the monitoring of the Environment, Resettlement and Habitat Observatory, within the 11 critical points are the corregimientos of Santa Elena, San Cristóbal, Altavista, Palmitas and San Antonio de Prado, places where there have been mass movements due to the worsening of the rainy season.


In its report, the district agency stated that it is important to highlight that the overflows of the La Iguaná stream have caused damage in the El Pesebre neighborhood, in the El Hueco sector and in the Arenys de Mar school, where a retaining wall collapsed and the ravine undermined part of the structure of the educational institution.

This same Friday, Juan Pablo Ramírez, Secretary of the Government of Medellín, told the District Risk Management Council that “we declare a public calamity in order to be able to make immediate and necessary decisions to protect the lives of all those affected by the winter season ”.

123, Firefighters, DAGRD and other relief agencies when there are floods.

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De Likewise, it asks citizens to avoid deforestation to prevent damage to the soil causing landslides and mass movements. “This agency of the Public Ministry continues to monitor the realities of the most affected communities to guarantee the protection and promotion of their human rights,” reported the Ombudsman of Medellín in its latest reports on the environmental effects caused by heavy rains.

On the other hand, the Early Warning System of Medellín and the Aburrá Valley stated that at the moment the rains began to dissipate over the city and its Metropolitan area “while they persist with moderate intensities to high over northern municipalities.Associated rainfall is expected to continue for the next hour.”