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Mearth: this crazy project wants to create a human colony on the Moon by 2063

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

One ​​small step for Man, one big step for Humanity… 55 years after Neil Armstrong posed with its foot on the Moon, the company OceanGate announces its crazy project to colonize our satellite, although it is so dangerous. Their goal ? That by 2063, Mearth, contraction of Moon and Earth, the society senoterrestrial that they imagined, is a reality. We'll tell you more below.

Mearth: this crazy project wants to create a human colony on the Moon by 2063

a terrestrial colony soon to be installed on the moon?

According to our colleagues at The Independent, Guillermo Söhnlein, co-founder of OceanGate, has a completely “lunar” new project. A year after the implosion of his Titan submarine in the Atlantic Ocean, while he was descending towards the wreck of the Titanic, the Argentinian-American businessman wants to install the 'Man on the Moon. Through his WayPaver foundation, he defends the “Project Moon Hut”,whose objective is to see the first cabin appear on our satellite in 2031. According to the project site, this accommodation will be basic, and should accommodate a group of 8 people. 5 years later, 82 other expatriates should join them, in other cabins, during phase 2 entitled “Industrial park”. Said to mark“the beginning of the Mearth economic system”, it will also see “sixteen tenants [be] selected to use the unique environment of the Moon for discovery, manufacturing and selling products from the Moon to Earth.

Mearth: this crazy project wants to create a human colony on the Moon by 2063

In 2046, society Mearth will have 578 people,and more than 1,500 in 2063,still according to the site, for which “The progress made in the fields of technology, science and innovation have made possiblethe feasibility and establishment of a new way of life on the Moon.It’s almost as normal as living in different places on the Moon. Earth”. According to Guillermo Söhnlein, “People will no longer see themselves only as inhabitants of one country or another, but as inhabitants of Mearth”.

A utopian or realistic project, according to you Still on the field of colonization of the Moon, discover here how impressive the cave is? could be used as a basis!

Natasha Kumar

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