MCU: This Avenger Is One Of Marvel's Fastest Characters, And You Didn't Know It

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Earlier in the week, we introduced you to the this new Marvel Comics series that will soon introduce more evil versions of Captain America and the X-Men than ever before. Because if comics are a good way to explore other stories featuring the super-heroes of the Marvel universe, they remain above all the best way to learn more about their abilities. And precisely, it is in the comics that we can see that a certain super-heroine, well known to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU), has the potential to rival one of Marvel's fastest characters.

MCU: This Avenger is one of Marvel's fastest characters, and you didn't know that

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limitless potential?

It's especially in the comics titled; What If? Avengers DIsassembled, released in 2006 and made by Jeff Parker and Aaron Lopresti, that readers were able to learn more about the abilities of several characters from the Marvel Universe, including those of Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel.

This comic takes us back to the events of the 2004-2005 Avengers Disassembled story arc, which saw < strong>a terrible clash between many superheroes, as well as the end of the Avengers. We will find in particular the Vision which, after having let go of the a horde of Ultron robots on the Avengers mansion, will ultimately be destroyed by an enraged Miss Hulk. There will also be Hawkeye (or &OElig-de-Faucon in French), who will sacrifice himself to destroy a Kree ship that was about to attack. invade Earth.

MCU: This Avenger is one of Marvel's fastest characters, and you didn't know it

And although just like in the original version, readers learned that this carnage had been destroyed. caused by the Scarlet Witch gone mad, this What If? comic offers a new approach to the plot, thus leaving aside the Earth-616 to turn to Earth-22795. In this alternate story titled “What If The Scarlet Witch Hadn't Acted Alone?Hank McCoy, aka the Beast, and Captain Marvel began to investigate the cause of the events of Avengers Disassembled After gathering clues, our two heroes will be convinced that Wanda Maximoff is not solely responsible.

In order to better understand the situation,the two superheroes will therefore visit Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, who is none other than Wanda's twin brother. And when they have just arrived and the Beast is about to go; ask a few questions to the mutant, the latter will suddenly disappear. This is how readers can see Captain Marvel embark on a journey. his pursuit, then succeeding in catch up with him.

MCU: This Avenger is one of Marvel's fastest characters, and you didn't know it

Although the member of the Avengers admits “not being able to maintain that kind of speed”, we see that Captain Marvel has managed to achieve this. catch up with Quicksilver when the latter had left “in advance”, then achieving the feat of competing with the speed of the mutant, being yet considered as one of the fastest characters in the Marvel Universe.

For if Quicksilver showed; to several times that it could exceed Mach 5, in particular by having for a time the capacity to travel to the future, it would seem that Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel and her ability to to fly to incredible speeds allow it to match, and even surpass the mutant.

MCU: This Avenger is one of Marvel's fastest characters, and you didn't know that

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