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McGill will offer $3,000 in scholarships to offset the increase

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This scholarship seeks to compensate for the $3,000 increase in tuition fees for non-resident students imposed by the Quebec government. (Archive photo)

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McGill University announced Tuesday that it will offer an annual $3,000 scholarship to new undergraduate students from other provinces, to offset the $3,000 increase in tuition fees imposed by the government of Quebec.

The English-speaking Montreal university says that about 80% of Canadian undergraduate students who apply to McGill will be eligible for this scholarship, which will be offered starting in the 2024-2025 school year. The new “Pan-Canadian Scholarship” of $3,000 will be paid for a maximum of four years of study.

The University is trying to maintain its registrations in the face of François Legault's government's plan to increase tuition fees for students at the University. outside the province.

The Quebec government announced on October 13 that Canadian students who begin their studies in English in Quebec in the fall of 2024 would pay the equivalent of what their training costs the government, i.e. $17,000 per year, rather than $9,000.

But on December 14, the Minister of Higher Education, Pascale Déry, reduced it from $17,000 to $12 $000 the amount of fees imposed on out-of-province students studying in English in Quebec.

The CAQ government says it wants to slow down the anglicization of Montreal and correct the imbalance in the funding of English-speaking institutions compared to French-speaking universities. The new tuition fees would be reinvested in the French-speaking university network, to welcome more students from abroad who speak French.

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The Quebec government had announced on October 13 that Canadian students who begin their studies in English in Quebec would pay more. (Archive photo)

Minister Déry will also require McGill and Concordia universities that, starting in 2025, 80% of new enrollees in an English study program achieve orally level 5 on the Quebec scale of French proficiency levels, at the end of their first cycle.

The rector and vice-chancellor of McGill University, Deep Saini, explained Tuesday in a press release that the success of the Montreal university was based on its ability to attract talent from Quebec, Canada and around the world. . He says this scholarship will allow McGill to remain one of the greatest universities in the world.

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Mr. Saini says the “Pan-Canadian Scholarship” will require the university to make some financial sacrifices, but he adds that welcoming students from across Canada is part of the plan. ;McGill DNA.

The scholarship will be awarded to Canadian students in arts, agricultural and environmental sciences, music, education sciences, architecture, nursing and most programs of sciences.

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The Schulich School of Music is recognized throughout the world and is largely composed of students from abroad. (Archive photo)

We are doing everything in our power to make McGill and Montreal degrees accessible to students across Canada , indicated Fabrice Labeau, first vice-provost for studies and student life at McGill University.

In the office of Minister Déry , the spokesperson stressed Tuesday that McGill was free to grant scholarships to its students from its funds.

That being said, the minister wishes to be able to count on their collaboration in order to implement the announced measures, wrote Valérie Chamula, chief of staff to the Minister of Higher Education.

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