McDonald's opens job call for more than 500 people in Colombia: this is how you can apply

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Job offers are open in 14 of the country's cities

we believe in diverse teams and that is why we are eliminating traditional job search codes. The “Código sin Códigos” initiative seeks to offer job opportunities without the requirement of prior experience, nor other conditions that deprive young people and seniors of access a formal job where they can develop”stated Héctor Orozco, General Director of Arcos Dorados in Colombia.

“In fact, as part of our social strategy, Recipe of the Future, we recognize diversity and inclusion as a fundamental value for the construction of our work teams, respecting individualities and committing ourselves to help society evolve in this regard.”

All available job offers allow flexible hours and give access to world-class training at the McDonald's corporate university, where employees can learn key skills for their career development.

These are the most requested jobs in Colombia

Colombian companies are now looking for personnel that meets certain special characteristics, especially in the computing field,that they can perform specific tasks without much accompaniment from the first days of their hiring.

McDonald’s opens job call for more than 500 people in Colombia: this is how you can apply

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One ​​of the most important job search portals in Colombia and Latin America highlighted the profiles most sought after by companies today , which highlights the number of available vacancies and the monthly remuneration they earn for carrying out their tasks.

According to the information provided by this platform, the most requested positions come from the areas of customer service, sales and marketing, but despite this they are not the best paid in the market work.

McDonald’s opens job call for more than 500 people in Colombia: this is how you can apply

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The < b>remuneration in some of the areas mentioned above are current legal minimum wage, $1,000,000 (2022), in some cases commissions are offered for goals achieved, however, this amount is not competitive compared to other tasks.

  • Health care, pharmacy and social services $2,958,292.
  • Information technology $2,844,263.
  • Engineering $2,700,634.
  • Science $2,488,525.
  • Accounting, administration and HR $2,034,464.
  • Marketing and sales $1,935,156.
  • Banking, finance and insurance $1,838,348.
  • Architecture and creative arts $1,810,009.
  • Journalism and translation $1,700,010.
  • Legal $1,675,311.
  • Day care and education $1,512,822.
  • Construction and maintenance $1,355,323.
  • Food services $1,346,829
  • Force and security forces $1,204,565.
  • Transportation and manufacturing $1,180 .036.
  • Retail, cosmetics and customer service $1,151,365.
  • Hospitality and travel $1,133,128.
  • Transportation and manufacturing $1,180,035

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