Mbappé's controversial statement against a PSG teammate: “We did what we could”

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The French forward targeted Carlos Soler, Neymar's replacement in the 2-1 win over Juventus in the Champions League

Mbappé's controversial statement against a PSG team-mate: “We did what we could”

Kylian Mbappé is the scorer in the UEFA Champions League with PSG

Neymar was the great absentee in the victory of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) 2-1 against Juventus at the end of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. The suspension due to accumulation of yellow cards forced him to be replaced by Carlos Soler and, at the end of the match, Kylian Mbappé made a striking statement about the work of his teammate.

After the disputed junction at Turin, the top scorer in continental competition with seven goals, referred to the position of the player who arrived this season from Valencia in Spain and held the role of Midfielder, while Messi was next to Mbappé himself ahead. Generally, that position belongs to the Flea, while the Brazilian is paired with the Frenchman.

“Soler is not in the habit of playing as a starter. He is a different player to Neymar. They do not have the same characteristics. But hey, we did what we could, we put together some interesting plays and we won the match”, Kiki said, belittling the Spaniard. It should be noted that Ney had converted 14 goals and 11 assists in 18 games this season, but the tenor of these statements against his replacement was surprising.

Mbappé's controversial statement against a PSG teammate: “We did what we could”

Carlos Soler scored 2 goals and 1 assist in 10 games with PSG

His remarks about the lack of a natural replacement for Ney clouded his later remarks added to a record that he took from Lionel Messiin this same meeting. The Frenchman scored the opening goal against Vecchia Signora 13 minutes into the opening stage to become the youngest player to reach 40 goals in the UEFA Champions League with his 23 years and 10 months. This record belonged to his partner, who had reached that figure at 24 years and 4 months.

This new record was broken by the world champion with France in 2018 he did not hide a new controversy in the footballer's career. Some time ago, MbappéHe had already had another rudeness in a video that was released days after having rejected Real Madrid. Footage from that time showed a chat with Achraf Hakimi in the tunnel back to the pitch in the middle of a match with PSG. Leaving the changing rooms brought about a dialogue that the striker began: “Did you see the video? You had to give me the pass”.

“Yes, I'm sorry. I've seen it”, responded the Moroccan nationalized Spanish soccer player about a particular game action, but he went further in a phrase that had the overtones of a restrictive order: “It is not enough just to be sorry, you have to give me the passes”.< /b>

In another order, Mbappé downplayed the fact that he finished second in his group behind Benfica, who managed to lead due to a higher number of away goals. The 6-1 thrashing of Maccabi Haifa by the Portuguese team was key in this situation, but Mbappé stated that they did not follow what was happening in Israel: “During the match we did not know how was the intersection of Benfica. In the end several members of the technical staff tried to warn us about the outcome of the match. But at the very end, it's not a big deal to finish second in the group, we qualified for the round of 16. We came to do our job, it was not enough. We are going to see the draw and we will play to win in the round of 16.”

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