Mbappé barometer: The Kyks persist, they will not accept anything from PSG

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FOOTBALL The days pass and the two parties stick to their guns. Mbappé, still a lofter, has no intention of accepting any offers from PSG he-will-n'accept-anymore-anything-from-psg-f04ba16.jpg” alt=”Barometer Mbappé : The Kyks persist, he won’t accept anything anymore from PSG” />

The Mbappometer clearly leans in favor of Real Madrid today. — 20 Minutes

And here we go again my Kyky. Every day (or almost), “ 20 ​​Minutes” takes stock of the latest advances and rumors more or less based on the future of Kylian Mbappé, whose relations with PSG follow the inverse curve of global warming. Leaving for Real Madrid this summer; or not? Let it be said, the Mbappometer is back.

Wednesday, August 9

Prev dementedly, in the villa of broken hearts. While spinning the perfect love with his companions in the loft, Abdou Diallo will leave home to join the main group of PSG. Kylian Mbappé he remains ostracized, but, according to Le Parisien, takes care as the leader of the undesirable group. The French striker encourages his galley mates to be more serious during training sessions. The group is living well to the point that the lofters are starting to live. dreaming of an opposition against the players of Luis Enrique's main group with the certainty of “washing them away” (correct them). There is no indication that Mbappé may be the author of this projection, but çit would be the kind of guy.

Should we see this as an expression of bitterness towards the management, which refuses the Kyks a final season without a contract extension? The latest rumors point to an interminable status quo on both sides. Both sides are inflexible. According to journalist Julien Laurens, the point of no return in stubbornness has been reached. achieved, and Mbappé will no longer accept anything from PSG. It’s no longer about money or responsibilities. Mbappé wants to leave. But is he really capable of staying in the loft for a year to get to where he is? its purposes? If he does not seem to be suffering from it for the moment, sportingly, at all. one year of the Euro and the Olympics, the situation seems difficult to maintain.

Credibility: 80% . It’s the logical continuation of the soap opera. The situation persists, Mbappé misses the start of the season, resents its direction and vice versa. Everyone is angry, it’s a war of egos in which everyone loses sportingly. Economically, however, the player finds himself there.

Mbappometer: Apart from a distress rocket sent by Florentino from Madrid, it is not clear what can get Mbappé from the loft.