Mazatlan beat Chivas 2-1 for Liga MX 2022 | PADDLING AND GOALS

Mazatlan beat Chivas 2-1 for Liga MX 2022 | PADDLING AND GOALS

Chivas vs. Mazatlan for Liga MX. Follow the incidents in this minute by minute.

Mazatlan defeated Chivas 2-1 for Liga MX 2022 | REMEN Y GOLES

Chivasvs. Mazatlán LIVE Star+: They will face each other this Friday, August 5 from 9:05 p.m. m. (Peruvian and Mexican time) for the seventh date of the Liga MX Opening Tournament. The match will also be broadcast by Azteca Deportes, Azteca 7 and ESPN México, while you will be able to follow all the incidents, with videos of the goals, in this minute by minute.

The actions will take place at the Mazatlán Stadium and the referee Jorge Abraham Camacho will be in charge of dispensing justice. Currently, the 'Sacred Flock' is in 14th place, with only five points; while the 'Cañoneros' are located in square 17, adding three units.

Goal by Oswaldo Alanís

Goal by Ángel Zaldívar

Goal by Emilio Sánchez

Chivas vs. Mazatlan: Lineups

Mazatlán: Vikonis, Colula, Vidrio, Alanís, Vargas, Intriago, Sánchez, Benedetti, Fabián, Bárcenas, Sosa.

Chivas: Jiménez, Mozo , Orozco, Olivas, Sepúlveda, Calderón, González, Pérez Bouquet, Beltrán, Zaldívar, Vega.

Mazatlán 2-1 Chivas | Minute by minute

On which channel to watch the game Chivas vs. Mazatlán?

Argentina: Star+

Bolivia: Star+

Brazil: Star+

Chile: Star+

Colombia: Star+

Ecuador: Star+

International: Bet365

Mexico: Azteca Deportes En Vivo, Azteca 7, ESPN Mexico, Star+

Paraguay: Star+

Peru : Star+

United States: VIX+

Uruguay: Star+

Venezuela: Star+

At what time to watch Chivas vs. Mazatlan?

United States – 7.05 p.m. m. Los Angeles time

Mexico – 9.05 p.m. m.

United States – 9.05 p.m. m. Texas time

Peru – 9.05 p.m. m.

Ecuador – 9.05 p.m. m.

Colombia – 9.05 p.m. m.

United States – 10.05 p.m. m. Miami time

Bolivia – 10.05 p.m. m.

Chile – 10.05 p.m. m.

Paraguay – 10.05 p.m. m.

Venezuela – 10.05 p.m. m.

Uruguay – 11.05 p.m. m.

Argentina – 11.05 p.m. m.

Brazil – 11.05 p.m. m.

England – 3.05 a.m. m. (Saturday August 6)

Spain – 4.05 a.m. m. (Saturday August 6)

Italy – 4.05 a.m. m. (Saturday August 6)

The start of the Chivas de Guadalajara has not been the best, given that they accumulate one defeat and five draws. Until now, those led by Ricardo Cadena do not know what it is to win and the pressure, in addition to the criticism from the fans, increases for the footballers.

One of the main players in recent presentations has been Santiago Ormeño, who arrived to solve goal problems. The striker, who also has Peruvian nationality, has played two games in the Apertura Tournament, coming off the bench in both, and has yet to score.

Let's remember that the 'Sacred Flock' failed to score in four games of this tournament and only has three celebrations in favor. Alexis Vega, Jesús 'Tepa' González, Sebastián Pérez Bouquet were the architects of the club's only celebrations so far.

For its part, the situation in Mazatlan is the same and more complicated, since it has not won in the current Liga MX either (three defeats and three parities). The most recent setback for the squad was in the visit to Tijuana, which comfortably won 2-0 on the scoreboard.

Despite the adverse scenario, coach Gabriel Caballero is confident of getting his squad out of the crisis and entering the fight to access the playoffs. It is worth mentioning that the Venezuelan Eduard Bello is the main scoring weapon of the team (two goals), being accompanied by Gonzalo Ariel Sosa (a celebration).

Chivas vs. . Mazatlan: match history

Since July 2020, Chivas vs. Mazatlán met five times and the balance favors the 'Sacred Flock': they won four times and tied the remaining match.

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