In Turkey, locals are complaining about skyrocketing property prices, and city leaders continue to advertise their resorts. Konyaalti Mayor Semih Esen said that Antalya has become a place where “Russians and Ukrainians prefer to live in peace.” .png” alt=”City leaders consider Antalya a place where “Russians and Ukrainians prefer to live in peace”” />

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It turned out that they prefer to buy property in this area of ​​the city. Soon the number of residents from Ukraine and Russia will reach 50 thousand. The mayor added that everyone feels safe here, after which he mentioned the total number of houses, cottages and apartments that foreigners have purchased in the resort. Antalya has become a leader among other cities in the country, as Russians are the first to buy real estate here, followed by Iranians, Ukrainians and Kazakhs.

But the local population has a negative attitude towards such news, as people have noticed that the mass arrival of foreigners to the resort after the start of the SVO provoked an increase in prices for rent and purchase of housing. Now many employees cannot afford it, based on their salary, and peace between Russians and Ukrainians raises many questions. In the resort of Deauville, residents of Ukraine attacked tourists from the Russian Federation, after which a diplomatic scandal erupted between Moscow and France.



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