Mayo clinic told me how to get rid of excess belly fat in men

The representatives of the clinic of Mayo has told, what measures will help to lose belly fat for men. One way is the preference for certain products.

Клиника Майо рассказала, как избавиться от лишнего жира на животе у мужчин

Excess belly fat poses a serious health hazard, for example, increases the risk of metabolic diseases and heart disease. In this connection, the problem can not be ignored. As for men, the doctors suggest to focus on plant foods, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Choose dietary sources of protein, such as fish, chicken and dairy products low in fat. It is desirable to avoid food products with saturated fats, including cheese and butter. Should also avoid the consumption of processed meat, canned and pickled foods.

The Mayo clinic advises men have small portions, which is another way of getting rid of excess belly fat. Sweet drinks should be replaced by drinking plain water. No less important plays and daily physical activity should focus on abdominal exercises. The experts added that the adjustment of the body requires effort and time, the main thing is to be patient and not to deviate from the recommendations. If there is a strong desire to eat, you can eat a handful of nuts, because they are a rich source of protein.

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