Max Barskikh congratulated on Independence Day with a new single “Ukraine”

Max Barskikh congratulated on Independence Day with a new single “Ukraine”

For the Independence Day, Max Barskikh presented the festive-patriotic single “Ukraine”. The singer's new song has become the fourth Ukrainian-language track since the beginning of the full-scale invasion and is dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the country's Independence.

Max Barskikh congratulated on Independence Day with the new single “Ukraine”

Max Barskikh

“All these six months of the war, I treat music as something that is not happening to me, something from a past life. Until I found myself new. I do not fully understand what will happen tomorrow, perhaps, like all of us. But I know for sure that music helps many, heals wounds. Through the song we convey our dreams and project the brightest desires. “Ukraine” is a dream song. I believe in such a victory when the whole country becomes the only indestructible family. Ukraine is a family in which they love and understand”, – Barskikh commented on the premiere.

Max's track was presented on the singer's official YouTube channel, and the TV version of the song will be available hear in collaboration with Ukrainian new generation performers KOLA, Vasya Demchuk, ROXOLANA and TVORCHI as part of a festive concert dedicated to Independence Day at 21:00 on the air.

Recall that the legendary Imagine Dragons became ambassadors of the UNITED24 fundraising platform (@u24_gov_ua ).