Max Barskikh choking on a promenade in summer Kiev

Max Barskikh choking on a promenade in summer Kiev

Max Barskikh got drunk on a promenade in summer Kiev

Vidomiy Ukrainian spivak Max Barskyh decided to take a walk around Kiev and shared his feelings of affection in the “vilazka”. I have published the photo and post wine on my side in the social media instagram.

Max Barskikh from the first days of the full-scale war, having taken an active position. We signed up to the ZSU lava, and then broke up with a great tour of Europe, so that we could collect pennies for Ukraine and after returning home we would continue to perform at favorable concerts. During the rest of the hour, the artist rarely appears at the social media, but interrupts the movement.

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Max Barskikh sighed with a promenade in summer Kiev

So, Max Barskikh shared a new photo, let's break it down for an hour of walking around Kiev. Spivak stating that the capital is changing quickly, like people. Adding wine, sighing, gazing at the most significant passers-by and firmly crying out to the Ukrainian people.

“ Walking along the central streets, I see such different appearances from different places: languor, freezing, and all my eyes shine brightly. Hope and faith burn in them! I'm coming to see you. I believe, I support, and I know that the truth is behind us, and that means we won”, – by writing to Max Barskikh.