Match of the first date of the Premier League. 

Match of the first date of the Premier League. 

Colombian striker Luis Díaz played 77 minutes in Liverpool's first match in the 2022-2023 Premier League, which ended in a 2-2 draw with Fulham.

The game was not easy, it was hard for Jurgen Klopp's team, who saved a point distressingly on his visit to that court.

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During the time in the who was on the field of play, Luis Díaz had a good participation. The first half was better than the second.

Good first time

Díaz had a goal disallowed
and minutes later he had a shot off the post, he showed mobility and the only thing missing was scoring.

Without Mané, winner the day before in his debut in the Bundesliga, nor any of his signings in the entry field, Jürgen Klopp's team suffered to avoid defeat against an elevator team, which returns to the Premier credited for its status as champion of the Championship, for its history and fiery fans, but with few aspirations beyond avoiding a new relegation.

And yet, based on his pressure and the success of Alexandr Mitrovic, Fulham completely deactivated the runner-up in the first half, who despite appearing at Craven Cottage endorsed by their victory in the English Super Cup against Manchester City had no other way to create danger in that first half than the individual actions of Luis Díaz .

The Colombian attacker had a goal annulled after fifteen minutes due to offside by Andy Robertson and he shot at the post in minute 38, when the “reds” were already at a disadvantage due to the both from Mitrovic. Very little game for which he is supposed to be, along with City, the main candidate for the title.

Mitrovic had already warned the minute of the game, when he took advantage of an error by Alexander-Arnold and shot close to Alisson's post, he hit after half an hour, again leaving the side “red” in question, which he overcame in the jump to head a cross from the Congolese Neeskens Kebano.

Point saved

Match of the first-round of the Premier League.& nbsp;

Without Thiago, replaced with discomfort by Harvey Elliott, and with Darwin Núñez on the pitch shortly into the second half, Liverpool seemed to regain control thanks to the Uruguayan, who leveled the match, in the 63rd minutes, with a beautiful heel to make it clear that he has a place among the best.

Half an hour to go and the game as he likes it, but the European runner-up has not yet adjusted his pieces and Mitrovic, author of 42 goals last season and his team's top scorer in preseason, knew how to take advantage of it . He forced a penalty from Dutchman Van Dijk and returned the advantage to the locals (m.72).

The long-awaited final rush served Klopp's men to avoid defeat, as Salah took advantage of a pass from Darwin eight minutes later and to believe in victory with a Henderson shot to the crossbar. A victory that, against all odds, did not materialize. To the satisfaction of the rest of the “Big Six”.

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