MasterChef Celebrity |  Chapter 58

September 12, 2021 by archyde

After Viña Machado and Catalina Maya will earn the immunity pin, the other participants have a creative and individual challenge in which they must use cheese. Each cook must enter a booth for one minute to choose the recipe to prepare and those who cook the two worst dishes must wear the black apron.

Unlike other participants, Carla giraldo does not enter the cabin alone, but invites the chef Jorge Rausch to accompany her. From the balcony, Viña throws a paper to her partner with instructions for the preparation.

The host Claudia Bahamón enter the cabin next to Frank Martínez and helps you choose a recipe. Liss Pereira He admits that he has several doubts about his plate and Carla’s response is “use common sense.” The chefs clarify that the participants are free to follow the instructions to the letter or give the preparation their own twist.

During the chefs ‘tour of the chefs’ stations, Nicolás de Zubiría recommends to Diego Camargo change the plan you had initially. Frank passes by the station Gregorio Pernía to try the dish and give you some last recommendations.

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Carla is the first to come forward and he tries to guess the term in which his meat was left, even though the chefs did not ask him. Fortunately the flavor of your dish is quite good.

Julio Sánchez Cóccaro is confused after the comments of the chefs, as he followed the recipe to the letter and the jurors expected something additional. When Christopher Carpentier try Frank’s dish, highlight its flavor and even invite Claudia to try it.

Finally, the chefs decide that those who wear the black apron are Julio Sánchez Cóccaro and Diego Camargo.

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