Massive sale at DOLCE DIVANI

Massive sale at DOLCE DIVANI

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 Massive sale at DOLCE DIVANI

For more than 18 years, the DOLCE DIVANI furniture house has been the most important representative of exclusive Italian and European furniture. It is not only the transparent pricing system and the highest quality of materials that distinguishes DOLCE DIVANI from other stores. Impeccable taste and sensitive adherence to a style that is not often listened to by representatives of the industry in the country – this is what makes the salon unique.
“We have been preparing for the next expansion for a long time and finally we can announce that the branch in Rishon Lezion has turned from a store of 1000 sq.m into a grand salon of 2300 sq.m. In this regard, and, of course, with the upcoming holidays, we are announcing a sale that only happens once a year!” – Timur Shavit, branch manager, explains.

Indeed, the prices for exhibition items (those that are located directly in the salon halls) have been reduced by up to 60%. For example, the luxury PLAZA sofa is now discounted for only NIS 12,900. (instead of NIS 19,900)*.

  • Made in Italy
  • Electric reclining chair
  • Previous price: 19, 900 NIS Discounted price: NIS 12,900 (for fabric category M).


Or a more sophisticated, even minimalist sofa LOREN:

  • Made in Italy< /li>
  • 100% leather
  • Former price: NIS 19,900 Discounted price: NIS 12,900 (limited color palette).


For those who seek to save space and love more air, we recommend that you pay attention to this two-seater sofa with a very stylish and bright, but not flashy blue cover SMART (Italy).

 Massive sale at DOLCE DIVANI

Large areas showrooms allow you to keep many models in stock right in the store, so customers can get what they want almost immediately. Preparation and delivery will not take more than 7 days. This means that by purchasing furniture now, you can be sure that on Rosh Hashanah your guests will be amazed not so much by a festive feast as by a new, elegant interior.
Pay attention to this table in an incredible futuristic design. The modernist approach may not be pretentious, this model is proof of that.

  • Style: modern
  • Decomposable: yes

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/1955bf4f2b004db2088f792bd74a21b9.jpg" alt=" Massive sale at DOLCE DIVANI " />

If you prefer round tables to square solutions, these models are also available at special pricese.

  • Metal legs and ceramic top
  • Unfoldable: no

 Massive sale at DOLCE DIVANI

The special price applies to all our tables, which you will find incredibly numerous in the salon. Tables now start at NIS 3,990.
Artful color palettes have been selected with care and passion. This makes our models not only functional, but really beautiful. At DOLCE DIVANI you will definitely find something that suits your interior!

We focus on the choice of designs of our models. We are well aware that no matter how skillful the design is, furniture is not only decoration, but also an important part of our leisure and comfort. Comfort is at the top of our priority list.
can rightly be considered a reclining leather ALPHA chair. Vacation has never been so much fun. Even the chair looks relaxing, imagine how comfortable you will feel in it.

 Massive sale at DOLCE DIVANI

We are convinced that any business that a professional undertakes must be done well. Therefore, attention to detail is no less important to our work. Sales consultants of our salons are trained by Italian specialists. Even if you decide not to buy the models presented in the salon, we will share important knowledge about the furniture industry that will help you in buying anywhere.
You can argue as long as you like, but it's better to come and see everything with your own eyes. And in our case, also touch, lie down, sit and try on. Come to DOLCE DIVANI and see for yourself – you have never seen anything like it!
*The indicated prices are valid only until 09/31/2022.
Addresses: Rishon le-Zion (Yosef Lishansky, 18), Haifa (Istadrut, 251 “V-CENTER”, Jerusalem (Meisadim, 15, “D CITY”). Phone/WhatsApp: +972 50-933-11-17 .
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