Massacre in Cauca: president of the community action board and two more people were assassinated by an armed group

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The victims would be relatives of the leader of the community of the village of La Diana in the north of the department of Cauca

Massacre in Cauca: president of the communal action board and two other people were killed by an armed group

Urban area of ​​the municipality of Cajibío, Cauca

A new act of violence occurred in the municipality of Cajibío, in the department of Cauca, where three people were murdered by members of an armed group. Among the victims is Alberto Quina, president of the Community Action Board of the village of La Diana.

The incident took place in the early hours of the morning in the village of Palma Chaux, where in the early hours of the morning members of an armed group that has not been identified so far had entered. A game of roosters was taking place in the place, according to local media, where several people from the community were gathered.

According to the Secretary of Government of Cajibío, Yon Edinson Chacón, in statements delivered to the Yamir Noticias outlet, a fight broke out at the event that left three people dead. The victims would be the president of the JAC of La Diana, Quina, along with two relatives who accompanied him.

The Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz) the multiple homicide He appeared inside the public establishment, when the armed men fired indiscriminately against the community. They count three victims, which classifies the event as the 89th massacre that has occurred so far this year.

The municipal authorities also have a record of three victims. However, local media say that as a result of the murder of Quina and her relatives, there was a reaction with weapons by members of the community, who would have murdered three alleged members of the armed group, which, if confirmed, would increase the number to six. number of people killed.

The other two victims were identified as a brother of the president of the JAC, named Diego Quina and Juan Pablo Guachetá from the village of El Edén.

< p class="paragraph">Indepaz pointed out that the ELN and the Jaime Martínez mobile column of the so-called Western Coordinating Command of the guerrilla dissidents have interference in the area. The latter is indicated by some preliminary information as the author of the armed attack.

The Ombudsman's Office issued early warning 034/18 “in which it states that the illegal armed groups intend to exercise territorial and population control to take advantage of illegal economies, particularly narcotics production and distribution circuits (taking advantage of the mountainous condition of the territory for the flow of personnel and alkaloids, from the upper area of ​​the western cordillera to the Pacific Caucano), pressured the communities and demanding money in exchange for “protection” and violently attacking those who oppose their claims ”, explained the Institute.

“I regret the murder of three people, among them, Alberto Quina, president of JAC from the village of La Diana, in Cajibio. My solidarity with the community of Cajibío, today plunged into fear and anguish. It is urgent to strengthen the presence of the Ombudsman, the Prosecutor's Office, the Prosecutor's Office and the Police,” said the representative to the Chamber of Cauca, Jorge Bastidas.

Of the massacres registered by Indepaz so far this year, 14 They have appeared in the department of Cauca for a total of 45 victims in total in this department, one of the most affected by the armed conflict. In addition, the territory has lost 23 murdered social leaders, of the 189 who have been victims of homicide in 2022 nationwide.

The authorities convened an extraordinary security council to analyze the situation and deploy the corresponding actions to reestablish public order, clarify the events in which the massacre occurred, as well as initiate the corresponding investigations to find those responsible for the crime.