Mass burial places near Mariupol appeared bigger, lower was respected earlier

Mass burial places near Mariupol appeared bigger, lower was respected earlier

Mass burial places near Mariupol turned out to be bigger, lower ones were respected earlier

Photo: Radio Svoboda

The place of mass burials in the occupied village of Stariy Krym near Mariupol grew up two women – at the cob of grass. So change by fixing the Planet Labs satellite.

These signs are published by the journals of «Schemes".

More than 15,000 mistyans can be buried there for the sake of Mariupol.

On the 29th of a chervny satellite, having fixed the technique, which the occupiers continue to dig trenches in the storerooms of the village of Stariy Krim, Donetsk region, as if they were planted near Mariupol.

From the moment of occupation of the place in such trenches, dead baggers are massively buried. For the 8th of May, which was previously published by “Schemes”, the mass burials at this hoard were increased by more vdvіch.

At the comments of “Schemes” The guardian of the head of the Mariupol city of Mariupol, Petro Andryushchenko, explained that the occupiers began to sort out the heaps of richly overlaid bunkers, which were undermined by the army of the Russian Federation. In yoga words, in the skin of such buds there can be up to hundreds of dead medical residents. Most of the bodies are taken to Stary Krimu, the nearest to Mariupol is a hoard with mass graves.they began to disassemble the masses, they filled up, “brought” its so-called «MNS», and there, what is not a booth – that is a burial ground. Vchora (5 limes, – ed.) stench “took” outside our microdistrict “Cheryomushki”, the soldiers of the so-called “MNS” arrived, climbed into the basement of one of the booths, and there were 100-200 corpses, the stench turned around and went, saying, “not ours on the right”, the shards of the “MNS” are encouraged to take care of the bodies of the dead. Further, they are engaged in workers of the so-called “sovereign ritual services”; that under the control of the occupants of the ship-medical examination, – even Andryushchenko and add. – Call to take Old Krimu to the cemetery. Usikh is quiet, who is removed from the blockages, simply thrown at the diggers in the treasury».

At the same Starokrymsky crypt, for the words of the guardian, it is not better to try the burial of the mistane at the digging trenches, ale and in the graves . On the satellite sign of Planet Labs for 29 chernya you can commemorate the death.

Vlada Mariupol explains that the occupiers began to earn money on private ritual services, pronouncing the burial of the dead in the grave of the grave, and not at the funerals of the masses.< /p>

«The cost of spending is approximately 20,000 hryvnias. And if you want to pay, it will be necessary to pay close to 2 tizhniv, for those who have problems with the tree near Mariupol, then the troubles call to be taken from the paid off earlier to Donechchini», – explaining to Petro Andryushchenko.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich