Marvel: we finally know when the MCU could end, and you will be able to pop the champagne

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30 is the number of films in the MCU. An astronomical figure, for a franchise that started out in 2008 with Iron Manand The Incredible Hulk, and which continues this month in theaters with the release of Black Panther Wakanda Forever. A success that no one saw coming. at the time, the superhero genre not being the fad it is today. However, the vigilantes of Are Marvel Studios Forever? Or is their end already? programmed? À According to one of the producers, Nate Moore, fans can rest easy becausewe haven't finished hearing about the Avengers.

Marvel: we finally know when the MCU could end, and you can pop the champagne

Is the MCU é eternal?

The greatest dream of MCU fans, is to be able to continue to follow the adventures of their favorite superheroes for as long as possible. to believe the remarks recently made by Nate Moore, producer within Marvel Studios (he notably worked for Black Panther 1 and 2 and The Éeternals). During his appearance on the microphone of the Apple podcast The Town with Matthew Belloni, he confided; on longevity of this fictional world populated by of vigilantes.

Marvel: we finally know when the MCU could end, and you can pop the champagne

I mean, I think çthis can go on for a long time.I think we have to continue to [move forward]… We cannot rest on our laurels. We may not think we have the answers. We must continue to push the boundaries in terms of gender and what we are ready to do; explore. But to me, Marvel movies are just movies. Our source material is just [books]…. It's like asking, “Are the movies about books going to last forever?< /em>” Probably.

What will not prevent the formula from having the right to a facelift at; a given time. Like other genres before it, such as westerns or musicals, the superhero film will have to re-invent itself to continue to thrive. exist.

Marvel: We finally know when the MCU might end, and you can pop the champagne

But, they came [westerns and musicals]… It's cyclical, isn't it? Things are coming back. I think we can go on for a while. We have a lot of great projects going on and some, honestly, that we can't find room for. One of the great things about Disney+ is that we were able to tell stories where we were like, “I don't know if we're going to be able to tell them“. And now we're like, “Oh, do we have another way [to do this]?” Because that we don't want to make ten movies a year. That would be bad. Moon Knight, for example. We talked Moon Knight for a long time and it just couldn't be on the [movie] list because there are too many projects. But all of a sudden we had an option B where we could tell six hours of a cool Moon Knight story that wouldn't exist otherwise. And I think there's a lot of other stories that we haven't [yet] had a chance to tell. So I think çit may last for a while, an eternity. We certainly don't feel like we're done.

As the producer says, too much cinematic content about these vigilantes is likely to tire viewers. Especially since Marvel is not the only one to broadcast, DC Comics (with Warner Bros.) and Sony also being part of it. The risk for the MCU is therefore not so much to reach the end of the stories it has to; to tell, the pool of characters being practically inexhaustible, but to no longer arouse curiosity; fans. While at In its early days, the MCU only had one or two movies a year, now it has three or four. A rhythm that has doubled; in & out; barely a decade, and to which must be added the many Disney+ series. À surrounded by superheroes, viewers could turn away from the genre and seek a new source of pleasure elsewhere… to completely revise its formula, or to turn off. What do you think?