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Marvel: This God Can Stop Mjolnir Effortlessly

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul1,2024

Superhero emblematic of Marvel, Thor has a Equally cult weapon: Mjolnir. But this weapon, which only those who are worthy of it can wield, proves to be completely useless against one Asgardian God in particular.

Marvel: this God can stop Mjolnir effortlessly

mjolnir, Thor's emblematic weapon

In the Marvel universe, Thor has already appeared. beaten with different weapons and in different ways. But if there is one emblematic weapon that we systematically associate with the God of Thunder, it is Mjolnir. Forged; made by the Dwarves for the Asgardian royal family, this enchanted warhammer is also Jane Foster/Mighty Thor's main weapon, but its users are very few. In fact, it is almost impossible for most people to even lift it.

Marvel: this God can stop Mjolnir effortlessly

Over the years, a few notable exceptions have been noted . The best known probably comes from the MCU, when Captain America seizes Mjolnir inAvengers Endgame, ironically to save Thor, in a bad position facing the enemy. Thanos. But there's even more: an Asgardian God is capable of controlling Mjolnir with a vengeance. distance,without even touching it.

this Asgardian god from marvel is more powerful than we imagined

It's in the 12th issue ;ro from the comic seriesImmortal Thor, published across the Atlantic in June 2024, the improbable happened: Mjolnir was destroyed. stopped in full flight, after having been balanced by Thor, just with words. We owe this impressive feat to; Buri, also known as Tiwaz, the great-grandfather of the God of Thunder. a few centimeters from his face,he stops him with a quick gesture of his hand and tells him to stop.He then speaks to him as he would with anyone, calling him his“old friend” and explaining to him that hewould like to admire [his] craftsmanship”. Buri also claims that Mjolnir is“truly [the Dwarf] Eitri's greatest achievement.”

Marvel: this God can stop Mjolnir effortlessly

More generally, Buri manages to achieve this. counter all of Thor's attacks during this duel, in which the God of Thunder attempts to recover a rune he needs to save Tyre. Thus, the powerful Asgardian God proves, despite his Santa Claus appearance,that any physical attack from Thor to against him is useless. If Buri is so formidable, it is quite simply becausehe is considered to be dangerous. as “the first Asgardian”. Appeared at the same time as the other Elder Gods when life was created on Earth, but he was the very first to appear. to be revered. Many Gods descend from him, which explains his great superiority.

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