Marvel: The Superhero Thanos Feared The Most Hasn't Even Appeared In The MCU Yet

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Thanos may have been a formidable foe to the Avengers in the MCU, to face; the most dangerous opponent for him when in possession of the Infinity Stones!

 Marvel: The superhero Thanos fears the most hasn't even appeared in the MCU yet

A noticeable absence ;e from the MCU

The Marvel universe is full of super-powerful superheroes and super-villains, but also of artifacts of all kinds, each more powerful than the next.The most famous are… ;obviously the Infinity Stones, made popular thanks to the early Phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which aptly formed the Infinity Bow.

In the MCU, therefore, Thanos tries to unite all the stones within the Infinity Gauntlet, thanks to which he ends up eradicating half of them. of life in the universe. But if he succeeded, it was because one of the enemies he must fear the most was not there. to help the Avengers the arrester: Adam Warlock. Indeed, the character appeared for the first time in 1967 in the volume #66 of the comics Fantastic Fou r is able to escape the vision of the wearer of the glove. We explain why.

Marvel: The superhero Thanos fears the most hasn't even appeared in the MCU yet

Adam Warlock, invisible in the eyes of the wielder of the infinity stones

If you were already born, it will be necessary to call upon your memory. If you haven't already, we'll (probably) introduce you to an old comic released in 1991: volume #6 of the series Infinity Gauntlet. In this one, Thanos' adopted daughter, Nebula, got her hands on the Infinity Gauntlet. and gathered all the stones. While she imprisoned Thanos and she thinks she is all-powerful, yet she does not see Adam Warlock approaching her to the point of brushing against her.

While Thanos is able to see him, as are Doctor Strange and the Silver Surfer also present in the scene, Nebula“is unaware of his presence” because the blonde-haired superhero “stands outside the realm of chaos and order”. This is due to the fact that Adam Warlock entered in possession of the Soul Stoneearly in his life (life created by scientists seeking to make him the perfect genetic creation), allowing him to see and manipulate the soul of any to be, alive or dead. If he remains sensitive to the powers of the other stones,the Soul Stone allows him to be undetectable by them, giving him a definite advantage over their possessor.< /p>

Marvel: The superhero Thanos fears most hasn't even appeared in the MCU yet

We hope that the question will be addressed more in depth in the MCU, since Adam Warlock will officially enter it as Will Poulter in 2023, in the third Guardians of the Galaxy pane!