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Marvel: the animated series Spider-Man and Black Panther are revealed

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May19,2024

We knew that Marvel Studios was preparing three animated series for Disney+ in 2024. The first has just been broadcast with X-Men '97 and two others will soon be released with a series in the Spider-Man universe and another which will be a spin-off of Black Panther entitled Eyes of Wakanda. Producer Brad Winderbaum has just given an interview andgives us details on these two future animated programs.

Marvel: the animated series Spider-Man and Black Panther is revealed

Marvel delights fans with animated series

While the animated series X- Men '97has just finished its first season and caused a tornado effect among Marvel fans, other animated productions will soon be broadcast on Disney+. In a recent interview, the executive producer and head of television, streaming, and animation at Marvel Studios explained how he's working on his role. that the next series to be released coming out could be the third season of What If…?.

Marvel: the Spider-Man and Black Panther animated series are revealed

Besides this series including the second The season is considered to be the highest-rated MCU movie of 2023,Marvel is preparing two other animated shows for which Brad Winderbaum has revealed some details.

Two promising Spider-Man and Black Panther series

The first is called Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Manafter changing his character by name. Originally, it was known as Spider-Man: Freshman Year. We know thatit will take place before the events of Captain America: Civil War in a real world. alternative of the MCU.

Marvel: the Spider-Man and Black Panther animated series are revealed

Peter Parker will become Spider-Man in a new way and the series should pay homage to the origins of the characters that readers of the comics know as declared by the producer from Marvel:

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Manis incredible to say the least. I think this will really surprise people. ÇIt looks a lot like this. an extract from Steve Ditko's comics era. What Jeff Trammell, the creator of the show, has done, I think people are going to love. vocal casting, it is Hudson Thames who will lend his voice to Peter Parker. He will be accompanied by Eugene Byrd, Grace Song, Hugh Dancy, Kari Wahlgren, Zeno Robinson and Charlie Cox who will reprise his character of Matthew Murdock/Daredevil.

< source srcset="" type="image/webp">Marvel: the Spider-Man and Black Panther animated series are revealed

Marvel Animation is also working on a series linked to the Black Panther films called Eyes of Wakanda and which will focus on Wakanda's secret agents around the world:

This is the story of Wakanda in its own right. through the Dogs of War and it's some of the best animation we've ever made.

Just like Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, this series directed by Todd Harris will be at discover in 2024 on Disney+. In the meantime, you can still watch X-Men '97 and the first two seasons of What If…? which are available on the platform Disney streaming.

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