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Marvel, DC: Chris Pratt teases the return of Star Lord, but not only

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Chris Pratt spoke about his future in superhero films, both on the superhero side. from DC and Marvel. And it could well be that we find him again alongside James Gunn   the future.

Marvel, DC: Chris Pratt teases the return of Star Lord, but not only

chris pratt, the hollywood star

He didn't play only in masterpieces, but Chris Pratt is undoubtedly one of the most prominent stars in the world. Hollywood.In recent years it has been &àgrave; the poster for the Jurassic World trilogy alongside Bryce Dallas Howard, as well as Guardians of the Galaxywithin the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also lent his voice the iconic Nintendo plumber in Super Mario Bros., the movie, who brought in a lot of money. more than $1.3 billion in box office revenue. It is therefore difficult to see how the hype around the 44-year-old American actor could go down. It is therefore with interest that should be welcomedhis next projects. And imagine that these could be changed. both be part of the MCU and the DCU!

Marvel, DC: Chris Pratt teases the return of Star Lord, but not only

from mcu to dcu with james gunn

After hearing the voice of Chris Pratt in the film Super Mario 2023, you will be able to find her in July in another animated film: Garfield, hero despite him. It is precisely in the middle of promotion for this film that Chris Pratt granted an interview with ComicBook, in which he expresses his desire to to work with James Gunn again.If he is convinced that he could reprise his role of Peter Quill/Star Lord in the MCU, he also believes that he could integrate the new DCU being developed in the MCU. by Gunn, who will become co-President of DC Studios in 2022.

It probably makes more sense that I would be at the helm. new Star Lord. But anything is possible, especially with James [Gunn] at DC. Maybe there is something that could be done there. Maybe both, [at DC and Marvel]. Let's do both. I am thinking of 100% [that I would] do both.

Marvel, DC: Chris Pratt teases the return of Star Lord, but not only

If we are curious to see what James Gunn and Chris Pratt have in store for us, tell us if you would like to see the actor in new DC and Marvel films , or if you would prefer to see it move to something else.

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