Marvel: Blade has found its new director, and it's a great choice

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Since the end of The Infinity Saga, Marvel Studios have introduced many new superheroes. Moon Knight, Miss Marvel, Sam Wilson as the new Captain America and others, the fourth phase of the MCU is a real intrigue for the future of Marvel. Moreover, since the takeover of Fox by Disney, the X-Men are being integrated into the timeline, as well as Deadpool, the first film classified R from the Marvel universe. But Kevin Feige and his teams are also working on a project to reboot the famous Blade films.. And at According to rumors and a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the reboot will be very different from other productions. 

Marvel: Blade has found its new director, and he's an excellent choice

blade, a trilogy that marked the spirits

Dré from the Marvel Comics, Blade is a three-volume film series that was released as a movie. screened in cinemas from 1998 to 1998; 2004. It was created for the comics in 1973 and became a main character in several comics thereafter.He is a human-vampire hybrid who hunts vampires himself. From his real name Eric Brooks, his mother gave birth while she was bitten by a cannibal. As soon as he reached puberty, he began to showing symptoms of the evil being that bit his mother. However, thanks to Abraham Whistler, who hunts vampires, he taught him how to control yourself so that Eric also becomes a hunter. 

Marvel: Blade has found its new director, and it's a excellent choice

You already know this, even if Marvel Studios has already been able to stage dark momentswithin the timeline as in the last two Avengers, the films have so far been all public. This will change with Deadpool 3, but also with Blade, ` believe a report backed by The Hollywood Reporter. Several sources do indeed indicate that the film will be rated R-Rated, and should be much darker than other MCU achievements produced so far. now.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Boys Kit, however, says details are unknown at this time.

Details are being kept under wraps, but sources say the new intent is for Blade to have a darker, grittier tone, bolder than usual, and thus find commonality with the original Blade films. 

A French director at the controls

Moreover, we already know; whois the director. This is Yann Demange, known for having, among other things, directed; the pilot episode of Lovecraft Country. He will direct Mahershala Ali, who will play the vampire hunter. Side screenplay, Michael Starrbury will be at the helm. Since this is a reboot, he will have the heavy task of rewriting the script. This choice of screenwriter suggests that Stacy Osei-Kuffour's first script was written. Permanently discontinued.

Marvel: Blade has found its new director, and it's is an excellent choice

The famous vampire hunter should play a key role; in the saga of the multiverse, which will reach a new milestone from the beginning of 2023 with the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.< /strong> The recent announcement of the feature film stand-by caused the postponement in series of several MCU films in order to stick to the calendar, since, let us remember, all the films of Marvel studios are interconnected.