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Marvel: Black Widow screenwriter believes the studio is obscene

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

In less than three weeks, Ryan Reynolds fans will finally be able to discover the filmDeadpool & Wolverinewhich will be an opportunity for the public to find Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine costume. As Marvel prepares to release her one and only MCU film, the screenwriter of Black Widow spoke about a certain obscenity from the studio.

Marvel: Black Widow screenwriter says studio is obscene

Hired by Marvel to improve “cardboard characters”

By the end of the month, Marvel will release its only film in the MCU, namely Deadpool & Wolverine. In this third opus of the Merc with a Mouth, Ryan Reynolds will share the poster with Hugh Jackman who will be there and back in the guise of Wolverine. Marvel Studios is banking heavily on this production, highly anticipated by fans of the anti-hero and the film directed by by Shawn Levy has the heavy burden of making people forget the failures that have been theirs. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and recently The Marvels.

While the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival was being held, the screenwriter who participated in the &àgrave; Nicole Holofcener assisted in writing the film Black Widow. &àgrave; a question/answer session after having had the honor of a tribute with a retrospective of his career. During this exchange, the screenwriter who has already discussed carried out different episodes of Sex and the City or even Gilmore Girls but also films like Friends with Money and All About Albert, returned to her work which she brought to the table. to the film carried by Scarlett Johansson and released in 2021.

Marvel: Black Widow screenwriter thinks the studio is obscene

Nicole Holofcener, who also co-signed; the script of The Last Duel by Ridley Scott, explains that she was hired by Marvel Studios to provide an enhancement to the female characters:

So on Black Widow, I worked on on the characters of Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh, to make them more human, to give them a little more depth. And it's not hard, especially when they are written as cardboard characters.

Marvel: the screenwriter of Black Widow believes the studio is obscene

Marvel is obscene on this specific point

Suffice it to say that the screenwriter doesn't mince her words! And she goes further by addressing a point that she considers inappropriate at Marvel. To the point that for her it is simply obscenity. Indeed, it is when talking about salaries that Holofcener believes that the studio is generous, even too much in relation to what it is. what is practiced elsewhere:

In fact I earn money by making series for TV and writing scripts, in adapting books or rewriting something. And three weeks away Writing one Marvel pays more than making three films. It's obscene.

So, it's not because Marvel puts its hand in the wallet that it's a guarantee of success at the box office . Rest at see what Deadpool & Wolverine which will be released this July 24.

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