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Marvel: as Deadpool & Wolverine approaches, Wade Wilson is dead

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

On July 24, fans of Marvel productions will be able to discover Deadpool & Wolverine. A third film for Deadpool which will find Wolverine, for adventures awaited for years. The Ryan Reynolds/Hugh Jackman duo will return to action for Jackman's last role as Wolverine. And agrave; As the film's release approaches, Marvel decides to kill Wade Wilson. gif” alt=”Marvel: Deadpool & Wolverine approach, Wade Wilson is dead” />

deadpool & wolverine on July 24

In 2016, the general public discovered Marvel's new Deadpool. Comical, charismatic, trashy, this new Deadpool was worn &àgrave; marvel by a Ryan Reynolds more than delighted to once again lend his features to Wave Wilson. 7 years laterX-Men Origins: Wolverine by Gavin Hood, Reynolds becomes Deadpool again, for a film that will have brought in more than $783 million at the box office. But Deadpool is now one of the spearheads of the MCU.

Marvel: as Deadpool & Wolverine approaches, Wade Wilson is dead

The mutant will allow Disney and Marvel to attach the existing MCU to the X-Men, whose rights have been acquired. recovered with the acquisition of Fox in 2017. It is high time that the mutants return to service at home. the screen, with, up to Now, short appearances here and there. See you this summer! therefore, for a film which promises to be more epic than ever.But this summer, Deadpool will also have to face Marvel's decisions concerning its counterparts on paper. 

the death of wade wilson

To tease the release of Deadpool #6by screenwriter Cody Ziglar and artist Rogê Antônio, Marvel shared a written teaser in which the Maison des Idées simply announces the death of Wade Wilson: 

The Deadpool series by Cody Ziglar and RogêAntônio reached a surprising turning point in September with the death of Wade Wilson.Stay at home listening in the weeks to come for the announcement of a whole new era of the series which will begin in Deadpool #6.”

Marvel: à the approach of Deadpool & Wolverine, Wade Wilson is dead

Also on the cover is a publisher's note that states:

“It's is the first issue of a new era and killing Deadpool NOW would be a crazy thing to do. TO DO. That's exactly why we're doing it.”

Between the return of Deadpool's daughter and the arrival of a new villain from name of Death Grip obsessed with death, the fans have something to do. Obviously, the death of Wade Wilson could well be reversible. will happen to Deadpool next September with Deadpool #6. 

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