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Marvel: an MCU star interferes in the elections and attacks Emmanuel Macron

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

You are probably aware that in France, we are preparing to elect new members of parliament to the National Assembly after Emmanuel Macron's decision to dissolve this institution on the evening of the European election results. The country is divided due to the rise of the far right and a MCU star has just spoken out on the French political situation and has not kept his tongue in his pocket to the point of tackling the President of the Republic.

Marvel: an MCU star interferes in the elections and attacks Emmanuel Macron

Personalities against the French far right

Indeed, since the evening of the results of the European elections which saw the National Rally come in first of suffrage and above all, After Emmanuel Macron's decision to dissolve the National Assembly and provoke early legislative elections, the country is divided. with on one side the New Popular Front, a coalition of different left-wing parties and on the other, the far-right party. There are manypersonalities with having positioned themselves against the RN like different players from the French team at home. the image of Killian Mbappé or even artists such as Soprano and Aya Nakamura and content creators like Mister V followed by Squeezie.

Marvel: an MCU star interferes in the elections and attacks Emmanuel Macron

In short, this subject news has been talked about a lot and not just to people. inside our borders. As proof, an American star well known to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has just taken on his turn position on the political situation currently taking place in France.

Marvel: an MCU star interferes in the ;elections and attacks Emmanuel Macron

From MCU star to French political commentator

Indeed, it was the actor Mark Ruffalo who decided to interfere in the French legislative campaign. The one who plays Doctor Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, in the MCU, spoke on X to give his opinion on the situation and especially to openly attack Emmanuel Macron.

Thus, it is on Elon Musk's social network that the elderly actor shares his message. 56 year old shared his opinion with Internet users. In a publication accompanied by an article published in the British newspaper The Guardian with a poster of the RN, Mark Ruffalo announced:

The French centrists must decide: support the left or give the keys to power to the left the far right.

And to add a direct remark to Macron:

We will see if now Emmanuel Macron is as keen on this. democracy as he claims.

French centrists must decide: support of the left – or hand the keys of power to the far right?

Now we will see if Macron cares about French Democracy in the way he claims to.

July 2, 2024

Suffice to say that the MCU actor is going out of his way to say out loud what he thinks. The latter is also known for campaigning almost daily for the protection of the environment as well as for the rights of women and minorities. Not sure that his message will get through to French Internet users. Manyadvise him to focus instead on the political situation of his country rather than what's happening in France.

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