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Marvel: After Martin Scorsese, Russel Crowe also takes down the MCU films

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Face to face With the ambient superhero fatigue that has been affecting Marvel for some time, tongues are loosening. And after Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola, it's Russell Crowe's turn to sharply tackle the MCU films.

Marvel: after ;s Martin Scorsese, Russell Crowe takes his turn in the MCU films

chris hemsworth injured by critics

Getting involved with the Marvel or DC team can be exhausting, even alienating. Chris Hemsworth, the interpreter of Thor, knows something about this. The Australian actor who has been making lightning strike since 2011 at La Maison des Idées did not emerge unscathed from the eight films for which he shot. Aware of his poor performance in Thor 4, the actor said he was hurt> by criticsmade by pundits such as Martin Scosese or Francis Ford Coppola àgrave; with regard to MCU productions, and more generally superhero films.

Would working for this gigantic industry mean selling your soul to the devil ? The actor called à more indulgence in the face of this ambient fatigue of superheroes.“They put this label on you, and I felt a little paralyzed. on what else I could do (…), it's a challenge not to get locked into this mold. You're constantly asked to play the same character again, which can get frustrating.” 

Marvel: after Martin Scorsese, Russell Crowe takes his turn in the MCU films

Russel Crowe tackles his Marvel turn

Less forgiving than his screen partner in Thor 4, Russel Crowe, who plays Zeus in Taika Waititi's feature film, looked at the subject. on these roles and the workings of the film industry. Rather than roles, the New Zealand actor calls them “jobs.”

It's a gigantic machine, and they make films at high speeds. a certain size… These are jobs. You know: this is your role, play the role. If you expect If this changes some sort of event in your life, I just think you're here for the wrong reasons.

À 60 years old, the Gladiator actor has a cinematic CV as long as an arm, and knows the industry well. He notably played Superman's biological father, Jor-El, in Man of Steelby Zack Snyder, joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder, and will soon appear as the ex-father of Kraven in Kraven the Hunter. 

Marvel: after Martin Scorsese, Russell Crowe goes down to its turn the MCU films

This therefore echoes the words of Dakota Johnson at the same time. the outcome of the flop of Madame Web. The actress saw it coming. “Decisions are made by studio management committees, and art is not carried not well when it is done by a committee”, but therefore also when it is done by a committee”. those of Scorsese, who does not consider Marvel-branded productions as “real cinema”, but rather as “theme parks”.  

These criticisms are revealing of the bad strategy employed by Marvel for several years, and its flow of feature films which lose in quality, since they are produced at high quality. the channel to feed a community which finally seems to saturate. The Maison des Idées nevertheless heard the sirens, since only Deadpool & Wolverine is scheduled to hit theaters this year.

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