Martín Arzuaga, outraged by those who point out that Millonarios is Junior's “dad”

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Former infielder 'Jaws' showed his anger at the team's poor timing, reacting to comments from his fellow show members cheering to the capital team at the expense of Junior

Martín Arzuaga, outraged by those who point out that Millonarios is

Since his retirement from the courts, Martín Arzuaga has been a regular on sports programs

Martín Arzuaga, one of the great names of the Junior de Barranquillathroughout its history and a two-time champion with the Barranquilla team, he has become a familiar face for Colombian soccer fans in his facet as a panelist on sports programs. His strong personality causes him to express his views without embellishment. And now, when the team Tiburón is going through a bad moment after losing the final of the Colombia Cup to Millionarios and not scoring points in their first two games in the final home runs, the Toro de Becerril once again let the fan out.

Unlike what happened weeks ago when he pointed out that those led by Julio Comesaña were going to win all the titles in dispute this semester, as he pointed out before the Copa BetPlay 2022 dispute > with Millionaires; This time Arzuaga responded to Junior's detractors, mainly because of the accusations that have fallen on Comesaña after the statements given in recent days.

This Friday on the ESPN 'F Show' program, he intervened in the post-match discussion on the occasion of Millonarios' 1-0 victory as a visitor against Junior, as a result of the fact that the word “godson” was read on one of the program's screens. in allusion to the bad moment of the rojiblanco team that does not allow its fans to release their typical phrase “Junior your dad”.

In the words of the journalist Carlos Orduz, who pointed out that “at this moment, Junior's father is called Millionaires” due to the two recent victories of the Ambassador team by league at the Metropolitano stadium and the obtaining of the Colombia Cup; Arzuaga reminded him that the capital team had not dominated the confrontations between the two for a long time, and even used the letter that they went years without winning titles:

“These guys do they get bigger, after not winning for a decade. After not winning a decade. For 2 little games, I would be sorry, I would be sorry. A team that lasted 30 years, not to win”

Although Orduz clarified that his comment was only alluding to the recent past, Arzuaga remained annoyed by this fact throughout the program. Later, a viewer wrote on the social networks of the program to indicate that the Torito defended Comesaña a lot:

“Man, his love for Comesaña blinds them. The 'man' is enlarged and is also responsible for Junior's bad moment. He has only brought out umbrellas since he arrived.”

When the comment was published on the program, Arzuaga responded to the viewer:

“They taught me to be a grateful guy, because Comesaña, more whatever it is, he has given his life to Junior, he has given us 'juniors' a lot of satisfaction. What's more, he left this server out of a 2014 final… ”

However, although he defended the Uruguayan coach against this comment, that did not prevent him from focusing his darts in the face of Junior's bad moment:

“I told you here that this is an investment team and that are expensive, but it does not translate into football. I also told them that Junior is a team of losers, today. He got used to losing, because they are the same players who have been here for 3 years”

Having said that, Arzuaga was pessimistic about what could happen with Comesaña once 2022 ends :

“I was one of those who, when Comesaña arrived, got excited, stuck out my chest, because he is a guy who has been a flagship in Junior. And today they can take him out, with all the problems he has had with the largest shareholder of Junior, with Mr. Fuad Char. Today they can 'kick where we know' and leave through the back door. A guy who has given him a lot. Surely, by January, they won't see him directing Junior”