Márquez resumes good sense: he will not race in Jerez this Sunday

The pain in his right shoulder removes him from qualifying and his team manages to give him up the race.

Márquez resumes good sense: he will not race in Jerez this Sunday

The capitulation came to the third, when courage was already foolishness. In the first corners of his first lap of the qualifying session at Jerez, Marc Márquez accepted that the fracture in his right shoulder needed rest and decided to get off the bike. Impossible. Too painful After much suffering, his team, Repsol Honda , finally managed to get the reigning champion to give up racing and accept the break until the Brno race in two weeks . It was a relief for everyone, especially for those responsible for the team, since they had tried to convince Márquez twice before and had not succeeded.

He wanted to try and he has done it . We wanted to give him the opportunity because we understood that a champion cannot stay at home if he thinks he has a small chance of running. He has tried and now there are many races left,” said Alberto Puig , bosses from Repsol Honda after a few days engaged. Since on Tuesday, Dr. Xavier Mir operated on Márquez “too well”, according to Puig himself, and since the pilot showed his intention to travel to Jerez on Wednesday, those in charge of his team had sought to stop his star . First they invited him to a first rehabilitation session in Barcelona, but this did not intimidate him. Then they agreed with Márquez for a meeting after the third training session, but this didn't help either.

After doing three sets of five laps in that third session, Márquez maintained his firm intention to compete, to fight to be among the top 10 in tomorrow's race (2:00 p.m., DAZN) and that is why his superiors had to improvise one last demand . At the agreed meeting, which lasted just five minutes, the Repsol Honda officials had no choice but to accept his participation in the qualifying session, but beforehand they demanded that, in the fourth practice session, he do a longer run, of at least seven laps. It was the way to place Márquez close to the requirement that he would live in the race and that request finally made him change his mind

“In the morning, in the third practice session, he made contact with the bike and we saw that he could even go fast, but this afternoon [in the fourth session] he felt worse, with more pain . That's when everyone, team and driver, we have understood that the best thing was not to take more risks. Now his arm is a little swollen, he's in pain, “added Puig as Márquez went to his motorhome, visibly afflicted. When he got off the motorcycle, in fact, he did not even address his mechanics, who were waiting for his instructions. He left the garage directly, showing that his right shoulder could not hold.

With all the cameras chasing him during qualifying, what happened on the tarmac was of no interest and neither was it. Fabio Quartararo celebrated pole as he had done just a week before, although this time Maverick Viñales came very close to snatching it from him. The Spaniard lowered his time in the last lap, but the stewards canceled it for having exceeded the limits of the route. Predictably both will dispute the victory.

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