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X marker: Quebec pushes back deadline to 2025, as soon as possible

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The minister responsible for the fight against homophobia and transphobia, Martine Biron, had yet promised guidelines before the end of 2023.

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Trans and non-binary people who request the addition of the sex marker X on their identity documents in Quebec will ultimately have to wait at least until 2025, Radio-Canada has learned. The Legault government prefers to obtain the conclusions of its committee of wise men on gender identity before deciding.

This is a change of direction, since work has been underway for months on this subject in the government. Directives were expected this fall to allow departments and agencies to add the inevitably look into the issue of gender markers, confirm, in a joint statement, the Minister responsible for the Fight against homophobia and transphobia, Martine Biron, and the Minister of Families, Suzanne Roy.

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The government will subsequently await the report of the committee of wise men in order to make a decision on the use of the marker X on government documents other than the civil status certificate, where it may already appear.

A quote of Statement by Ministers Martine Biron and Suzanne Roy

The committee of wise people unveiled last week by the Minister of Family will have the particular mission of analyzing the effects of public policies concerning trans and non-binary people on society as a whole. Its report is expected in winter 2025.

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Many trans and non-binary people in Quebec will therefore have to be patient so that their identity recognized by the registrar of civil status is also reflected on their health insurance card or their driving license, for example.

This is the case of Alexe Frédéric Migneault, who recently went on a 12-day hunger strike in front of the offices of the Régie de l'assurance santé du Québec (RAMQ) in the hope that the government will speed up the process.

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Alexe Frédéric Migneault is a non-binary person who is fighting to obtain the in fact, trans and non-binary people can have their sex marker changed with the registrar of civil status to obtain the letter X on the birth or marriage certificate, rather than the letter M or F.

However, ministries and organizations such as the RAMQ or the Société d'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) have not yet adapted their documents, such as the health insurance card or the driver's license.

For those affected, the stakes are real since it leads to embarrassing situations.

They may, for example, be mistaken for a man or a woman in the waiting room of a medical clinic, in front of everyone, even if the registrar of civil status has recognized their gender identity.

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Since 2022, the director of civil status in Quebec has allowed trans and non-binary people to have the sex marker Currently, approximately 360 trans and non-binary people have made an official request to RAMQ to have gender marker “>When there is this type of modification to the various official documents, it is customary, for the courts and organizations, to allow a certain amount of time for the government [to] make the various modifications, indicates Me Philippe- André Tessier, president of the Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights (CDPDJ).

Despite the prolonged wait, Me Tessier does not say whether the departments and agencies contravene the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, which prohibits discrimination based on gender identity.

He nevertheless calls on the Legault government to act promptly.

We understand that the work is in progress and we insist that this work be completed as quickly as possible to ensure that people with a different identity marker can be adequately reflected on their identity documents.

A quote from Me Philippe-André Tessier, president of the Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights

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The President of the Commission on Human Rights and Human Rights youth, Philippe-André Tessier

If it remains complex to add the X marker on the health insurance card, as the RAMQ claims, other solutions are possible, indicates Me Tessier.

Elsewhere in the world, it happens that the sex marker is collected by organizations, that it appears in the file of the citizen concerned, but that it is simply not printed on the identity document.

Perhaps this solution, which is current in other provinces or in other states, could also be implemented x27;before and would respect the rights of trans and non-binary people, suggests Me Tessier.

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