Mark Hamill talked about the cut scene from the fourth episode of “Star wars”

Марк Хэмилл рассказал о вырезанной сцене из четвертого эпизода "Звездных войн"

Mark Hamill. Photo: Getty Images

Actor mark Hamill, best known for playing Luke Skywalker, during a podcast with the brothers Russo, said that out of the picture “a New hope” cut out important scene, on which the star still can not forget.

The scene consists of first introducing viewers to the main character of the series, Luke Skywalker. Then a young guy stood on the hot sand of his native planet Tatooine, looking at the sky and watched the battle of two ships, one of which was Princess Leia with the blueprints of the Death Star, and the other is Darth Vader.

In the scene there are some good moments for the character. First, laugh at him peers. It just shows that he is not the coolest in their company, not very popular. Koo stark — the second actress in the movie… she calls me “Worm”. So I’m not popular. And suddenly I am faced with Darklighter Biggs, played by Garrick Hae Geon, and I was like “Wow!”. You can see that we are good friends. He is dressed in the Imperial uniform, and say “Wow, this is incredible! Can’t wait to leave this planet to join you.” To which he replied: “Luke, as soon as I get a chance I will join the rebels”, — vspominaet actor.

According to Hamill, at that time his character was absolutely do not care how the Empire and rebels, and the only purpose in life was to leave such a boring farm.

We offer you to watch the cut scene:

We also propose you to watch the complete series of the podcast:

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