Mark Cuban called the end of the bear market

Mark Cuban called the end of the bear market

Mark Cuban named termination condition bear market

Shifting the focus to dapps and creating them outside of finance will attract additional audience and stop the fall of the digital asset market. This opinion was expressed by billionaire Mark Cuban.

Entrepreneur suggested that the market has not yet reached « cheap” prices.

“[The bear market] lasts until the catalyst appears. That trigger could be dapps, or we could sink so low that people would say, “Fuck that, I’ll buy some»”, he said.

Cuban explained , that against the backdrop of a variety of applications related to NFT and DeFi, the emergence of a dapp with a focus on business with high utility can lead to a market reversal.

As an example, he suggested the creation of a decentralized version of Quickbook, an accounting software for small businesses .

Cuban pointed to the low utility of the tokens on the market. To illustrate, he viewed SUSHI as a “relatively cheap” purchase with a market cap of $215 million.

“You get paid if you are a liquidity provider, but who will buy [the token] from you? The reason?”,” he explained.

The entrepreneur predicted a merger of various protocols and blockchains, which is typical for “every industry.” He expressed support for the scenario of moving applications and communities, but admitted that this consolidating network should have “ideas and reasons for using it.”

Cuban said that he is now interested in DeFi carbon offset tokens. They simplify the process of fulfilling obligations by companies and have “potential”.

Recall that the entrepreneur predicted the disappearance of crypto projects without “real prospects”.

Earlier, Cuban predicted the collapse of blockchain projects that copy what “everyone has it”.

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