Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Maritime Fuels files for bankruptcy, customers left without solution as winter approaches

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A worker fills a house with fuel oil. (Archive photo)


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Service Nova Scotia is calling on residents who have been using Maritime Fuels services until now to cancel their payments. The home heating fuel company declared bankruptcy this week. PwC Canada was named a licensed insolvency trustee on Thursday and will aim to manage the company's creditors, writes the province in a press release published Friday.

Service Nova Scotia alerts the company's customers and suggests they take the necessary steps to cancel their payments as soon as possible and stop prepayments. Customers are encouraged to contact PwC if they have not received their fuel.

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They are thus assured of hearing from the trustee as arrangements are made to repay the company's debts, writes the province.

As winter approaches, this news worries some of the company's customers.

The first thing I did when I heard the news was turn off the heat, says Lisa Hopkins, who became a Maritime Fuels customer 18 months ago because it was the cheapest option for heating her house in Truro.

She learned that the company was going bankrupt through social media. When I try to call them, they hang up immediately and I don't hear from them, she continues.

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A Maritime Fuels customer believes that the The company owes him nearly $1,500. (Archive photo)

She was able to cancel her November payment through her bank and contacted the trustee because she believes Maritime Fuels owes her at least $1,500.

Lisa Hopkins explains that she signed up for a monthly payment plan to get a discount on her bill. This plan allowed him to spread the cost of fuel oil over the year.

By not redistributing funds to clients, I feel like they are stealing from me, she explains.

In this difficult financial context, she says that she will not be able to subscribe to another supplier this winter. She plans to buy fuel by the dropper at a gas station to keep her tank topped up.

I'm going to have to take a little every day pay because I can't get it delivered, she said. I can't afford it right now.

Maritime Fuels did not respond to requests for interviews. Service Nova Scotia says it does not know how many customers are affected by the company's bankruptcy.

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