Mario Hernández makes a claim to the Minister of Finance: “It is incredible that he blames businessmen for the financial panic”

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José Antonio Ocampo asked businessmen a few days ago to put aside negative comments regarding the country's financial situation

Mario Hernández complained to the Minister of Finance:“It is incredible that he blames the financial panic on businessmen”

Mario Hernández, Colombian designer

After the tax reform was approved, the Minister of Finance, José Antonio Ocampo, gave an interview to Noticias Caracol, in which he referred to various issues of the project. When asked about the possible effects of this reform on companies and the economy, Ocampo warned that the previous tax reform was more severe with companies, because it raised the tax rate from 30 to 35%, while the current kept just that rate. Regarding the economy, he said he was aware that there are adverse international conditions and even threats of recession in developed economies. However, he asked to be honest about the real impact and stop the financial panic.

“I ask you not to continue alarming, because the alarm you are generating is part of the reason why you are generating little credibility for the government. Rather, believe that we are fiscally and monetarily responsible, so our fiscal and monetary policy is responsible. So, that they please publicly acknowledge it so as not to generate this panic that they themselves are generating, because the government is not generating panic”, Ocampo pointed out.

Given the call made by Ocampo, some businessmen were outraged by the statements made by the minister, one of whom let them know his annoyance was Mario Hernández, who in a small trill showed his surprise.

“Incredible that a Minister of Finance (José Antonio Ocampo) blames businessmen for the financial panic,” pointed out the Colombian businessman, who received support from several Internet users on the social network who expressed their displeasure with the Government.

Mario Hernández complained to the Minister of Finance:“It is incredible that he blames the financial panic on businessmen”

Mario Hernández trill

Likewise, several users assured him that the minister's statement is right: “But if they have to do with it, you are an entrepreneur and you do nothing but replicate the disinformation of Revista Semana and other prepaid media”, “It is impossible that the entrepreneurs provoke it and then deny it ”, “But that is what you do every day, the incredible thing is that people like you do not have self-criticism and continue their lives as if nothing”, were some of the comments against him.

It is not the first time that Hernández has referred to issues related to the reform and the economy. A few weeks ago, through networks, he assured that he was concerned about the rise in the dollar and the consequences that it brings.

“I am concerned about the situation, because the food of all Colombians goes up. An egg was worth 300 and it's almost 700. To eat an egg you're going to have to lay it. The situation is going to be very difficult”, he indicated in dialogues for the magazine Semana.

In addition, the businessman highlighted the concern about the difficulties experienced by people who live from having a company in Colombia. “I have never worried about the price of the dollar. I put everything at dollar value. Everyone goes up”, Mario highlighted for the aforementioned medium. And so he was able to explain the future that lies ahead for consumers: “He who does not raise prices goes bankrupt.”

Likewise, Hernández recounted an example of as the jewelers worked with an ounce of gold that was worth 150 dollars and today it is worth 2,000 dollars. “Gold is sold in the world in dollars,” he said. And for this reason, the businessman said that from now on in the country “they are going to buy less.”