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Marina Larouche honored at the National Assembly

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Andrée Laforest addressed the elected representatives of the National Assembly on Thursday morning, to pay tribute to Marina Larouche.

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The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Member of Parliament for Chicoutimi, Andrée Laforest, paid tribute to former Saguenay municipal councilor Marina Larouche during a speech to elected officials gathered at the National Assembly in Quebec.

Ms. Larouche died at the age of 88 in early January.

The politician served for 28 years on the municipal council, first in Chicoutimi then in Saguenay. She retired from the public scene in 2013.

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Marina Larouche during her last city council in Saguenay in September 2013.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">In her tribute, Andrée Laforest underlined her contribution to the development of minor hockey in the region and especially her essential role in the realization of the divided four-lane road in the Laurentides wildlife reserve. She was at the head of Accès Bleuets, the group that led to the realization of this vast project.

If you come to us today by Route 175 and you do so safely, it is largely because of his determination.

A quote from Andrée Laforest, Minister of Municipal Affairs

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The Minister recalled that the work and audacity of Marina Larouche still shine through today.

The region and the City of Saguenay owe you a lot, -she concluded.

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