Marilou arrives at Zeste and TVA

Marilou arrives at Zeste and TVA

Marilou and “Three times a day” make the jump to television. Her many admirers will be happy to find her and her popular recipes at TVA et Zeste in the fall of 2021.

In a new program entitled “Three times a day and you”, which uses the title of the famous brand launched by the artist in 2014, Marilou will cook simple, accessible, tasty and practical dishes for everyday life, achievable. by anyone.

By tackling some thirty themes, focused on people and their relationship with food, and surrounded by guests, Marilou will answer the questions that the public is asking themselves in the kitchen and will demonstrate that we can enjoy each day without complicating the food. life. Comfort and guilt will be the watchwords at Marilou’s table!

Produced by Toast and Quebecor Content, the first season will stretch over 10 weeks. On the air VAT, “Three times a day and you” will be on the air in a weekly 30-minute format, but Zeste subscribers will have three times as much to eat, since three meetings a week will be presented.

In a video unveiled on Tuesday, Marilou announces that she wants to take advantage of her new forum to “explore a multitude of new, very simple recipes to help you on a daily basis” and “explore many subjects that have an impact on our relationship with food” . A niche that she knows well, since she has been working for almost seven years to combine balance, simplicity and the pleasure of eating well in her food project. Of course, Marilou’s light tone and great aesthetic concern will be in the spotlight.

“It’s a gift in my life, this project”, launched the young woman, visibly happy with this new challenge.

“To transmit in an accessible and guilt-free way the kitchen to arrive at the preparation of good and appetizing dishes. This is the essence of this Quebec concept, created in the image of Marilou and for which Quebecor Content will be pleased to collaborate next fall, ”said Denis Dubois, Vice-President of Original Content, Quebecor Content, in a commentary. communicated.

“Endearing and warm, Marilou is a true ambassador of cuisine, its pleasures and the art of hospitality. Website, photos, cookbooks … We are proud that she chose Zeste et TVA for her first cooking show on television, ”added Nathalie Fabien, Senior Director, Channels and Programming, TVA Group.

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