María Fernanda Cabal on the first term of Gustavo Petro's government: “There have been 100 days of improvisation”

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The controversial Congresswoman from the Democratic Center once again appeared on social networks making a negative assessment of the first months of the government of Gustavo Petro's execution

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María Fernanda Cabal on the first period of Gustavo Petro's government: “There have been 100 days of improvisation”

Gustavo Petro went down in history by becoming the first president of the country who is openly left-wing and who has belonged to an urban guerrilla. The first 100 days of the head of state's government was an opportunity for different members of his cabinet to highlight his management, in the same way for the opposition to show the mistakes that the leader of the Historical Pact has made.

One ​​of the most visible faces of Uribismo, María Fernanda Cabal, questioned the head of state and highlighted negative economic, social and security aspects of President Petro's term. The Congresswoman from the Democratic Center also criticized the Total Peace model.

100 days of the socialist experiment in Colombia have been 100 days of improvisation at a high cost for the country, proof of what I am saying is that in the face of the irresponsible statements by Petro and his ministers we are 25% poorer due to a strong devaluation that has not stopped and an absurd tax reform. Violence is increasing amid the desire of Petro and his people to give impunity to the criminals of the ELN, Farc and 22 other gangs that await “total pardon.” And of course the desire to give freedom to the frontline criminals who were promised pardons without being able to fulfill them for now”.

In the same way, María Fernanda Cabal, in her Trinidad publication, pointed out that both Petro and his ministers have made mistakes and indicated of his cabinet: “In his 100 days of trial, Petro appointed a Defense Minister who hates the public force, a Health Minister who wants to destroy a system that is one of the best in the region and in the world. One from Mines and Energy who hates the mining sector and a minister of Education who has not taken office for the first time, one from Environment who is an activist of the 20-30 agenda. And finally they want to amnesty or pardon or whatever with the excuse of social protest, ministers who have led the country down a cliff”.

The Congresswoman from the Center A Democrat who has starred in countless controversies, this time he listed what in his opinion are the consequences of President Petro's management: “100 days that they have clothed themselves with power to give absurd orders, we will see the product of this socialist stupidity in the coming days because there will be greater devaluation, unemployment, capital flight and scared investment abroad. If Petro thinks it's a good thing for him to review the ten points of favorability that he lost, he won't know how to manage this country, he will never know, we'll see the same ones who supported him claiming. The lousy ruler before, now and whenever he proved to be incapable is repeating the same disaster ”.

Finally, Cabal concluded on the importance of 'recovering Colombia', since he assures that the country is imprisoned by a model of a socialist State that Gustavo Petro has implemented together with his cabinet.

In 100 days Petro stands out for wanting to legalize drugs, reestablish relations with the dictator Maduro and be the 'messiah who savior of humanity'. This country needs to straighten its course and know that it will not be pardoning criminals or persecuting the businessman. We are going head-on against these socialists, we must prepare to give them the first defeat in the regional elections and then in the presidential election”.