María Fernanda Cabal launches taunts again: “The fight against collective imbecility is hard, but we are going to win it”

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It is not the first time that the senator has gone against the ideas of the current government, this time, she referred to environmental issues

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María Fernanda Cabal launches taunts again: “ The fight against collective imbecility is tough, but we are going to win it.

The senator forcefully rejected the tax reform of the Petro government. Photo: Colprensa

The senator of the Democratic Center, María Fernanda Cabal, is one of the biggest opponents of the national government, led by Gustavo Petro, since she won at the polls, the right-wing representative has not missed taking advantage of throwing taunts at both the projects and the ideas that the administration and its followers have. The last one, which she published on social networks, refers to the environmental policies that the president and his cabinet seek to implement and that began with the approval of the Escazú agreement, one of the ideas to which the uribista adhered has radically opposed it, arguing that it threatens the country's sovereignty.

In this sense, the senator took advantage of the space on her official Twitter account to publish a fragment of an intervention that she led in Casanare where she assures that the ideas of “the mamertos”, as she calls her ideological opposites, are contradictory to the way of life they lead.

“Mamerts love sneakers, but they don't know they come from oil. They are fascinated by cell phones, but they ignore that they are made of minerals”, said the senator from the Democratic Center; and she added: “The fight against collective imbecility is tough, but we're going to win it.”

María Fernanda Cabal launches taunts again: “The fight against collective imbecility is hard, but we are going to win it”

María Fernanda Cabal trill

In that same space, he also spoke of the importance of the family nucleus and the preservation of the traditional idea of ​​this social institution: “The only way in which a society is prosperous is when the family is strong, that is why it must be protected, despite those who seek its destruction to break the foundation of our principles and values”.

This is not the first time that he has taken advantage of the virtual space to launch his criticisms and make clear the differences that has with the Historical Pact project and its representatives. For example, days ago he went all out with the Minister of Education, Alejandro Gaviria, whom he accused of being incoherent and that he was in the wrong place.

“He is like Davivienda. That happens to him because of his inconsistency and for wanting to appear in a government that, in less than 100 days, has already ruined Colombians,” said María Fernanda Cabal.

The legislator's onslaught of Uribism was given by Gaviria's statement, where he referred to the president's statements about the health system. In the first instance, his wife Carolina Soto, former director of Banco de la República , contradicted the head of state and assured that the nation's health model helps people and is not as bad as he has suggested.

“The Colombia's health system is not perfect. But it is a global and widely recognized example in financial protection, access to medicines, social inclusion and public-private cooperation”, Soto indicated on Twitter. In addition, he highlighted what the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development thinks of the Colombian model.

“The OECD highlighted the advances of the country's system and public health in the process of entry to Colombia. The Colombian system has been systematically well evaluated,” said the minister's spouse.

Soto's statements resounded in public opinion and forced the minister to speak out. However, before doing so, his wife defended him again against Pablo Felipe Robledo, former Vice Minister of Justice, who asked Gaviria to speak as well as his wife.