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Ukrainian singer Mari Cheba presented a music video for the song “Tyagne”, released in February. The track became the singer's message about the divorce, as well as a confession to the listeners about finding herself.

Ukrainian singer Mari Cheba presents a music video for the track “Tyagne”, the main character of which was the famous actress Antonina Khizhnyak. Co-creation that reflects women's support and unity in crisis moments of life.

The clip tells about a woman who loves despite all the difficulties and is in a complicated relationship with a man, experiences feelings that pull and don't let go.

I saw that the song resonates with women with its naked truth feelings The single is a personal cry of a woman's essence in the period of rebirth and self-discovery. Mykhailo Sukhomlyn was the director and camera operator of the video, and the main character was Tonya Khizhnyak, who played the complex relationship of people in love described in my song, Mari Cheba said.

According to the performer, women in the creative field now need to unite and grow at a professional level, because many male artists are currently serving, and our work in the cultural sector does not stop, because it is also extremely important.

Tonya and I met in person recently, but as it turned out, she liked my songs before we met. Therefore, I shared the track “Tyagne” with her before the release, and it touched her. Then I invited her to play what I feel in the song, because I would not have been able to live this scene as skillfully as she did. I am very glad that we got this job, the performer shared.

As Antonina Khizhnyak noted, she agreed to the offer to star in the music video as soon as she listened to the song even before its official release.

I consider our meeting with Mari Cheba a gift of fate. For me, her songs are another dimension, a new high-quality sound of modern Ukrainian music. I am incredibly happy with our cooperation. I got a completely new experience of underwater photography. When, if not now, is the time to unite and create our culture, the actress emphasized.

The role of the lover in the clip was played by Vladyslav Ivchenko, who, according to Mari Cheba, fit in well with the team and played professionally underwater.< /p>

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